Is there any problem with putting patients on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method if they have Gout?

There is no problem with a person being on the protocol who has had a history of gout. High uric acid levels are a part of Syndrome X and the program will help them long term. If a patient has a history of gout, it would be prudent for the doctor (MD or DO) to put them on a drug (Allopurinol 300 mgs once a day) for at least the first month of the program. We have only 2 recorded cases that going on the diet may have precipitated a gout flare-up. Therefore, if the docs employ this strategy — it may prevent a dieter “from quitting the program, because of a perceived negative effect” before he or she can get the full benefit of our program. Allopurinol is very inexpensive and is very well tolerated and has a long history of safety and efficacy. I think what may have happened with the 2 noted cases, they were going to have a flare-up anyway (perhaps increasing protein in the diet suddenly, may have aggravated it, or maybe not). In any a case, using Allopurinol as a pre-emptive measure would be prudent, in my opinion.