SIBO, You & Your Diet: Changing Your Life to Help Your Life

SIBO is a misunderstood affliction. We know so little about it. Even the medical community is under informed. However, we are learning more about SIBO. We are learning more about its symptoms and how to identify it. We have learned more Americans than we thought struggle with SIBO.

SIBO stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. To put it plainly: SIBO is the presence of excessive and unwanted bacteria in a person’s small intestine. SIBO is chronic, and can cause constipation and/or diarrhea and the malabsorption of essential nutrition. The incidence of SIBO is escalating, due in part to more sophisticated testing. But make no mistake: SIBO is affected by diet and healthy lifestyle choices, and — sadly — many Americans keep poor dietary habits.

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We understand how complex SIBO is. Its associated symptoms are challenging and lifer altering ailments on their own. But our appreciation and understanding of SIBO’s complex nature affords us with unparalleled insight regarding holistic SIBO treatment. We treat SIBO by creating custom dietary plans for our patients, which is why our plans work.

SIBO is commonly treated—dietarily speaking—with one-size-fits-all “plans.” We at Bio Intelligent Wellness know that doesn’t work. Everybody is different, and SIBO will affect everyone differently. Treating SIBO takes work, and it takes a desire to dedicate yourself to your health. And we know keeping healthy habits is easier said than done. That’s why our nutritionists not only create custom plans, but they will help guide you along your journey away from the pains of SIBO.

You’re not alone. SIBO is more common than you think, and because of that, we are more prepared to help you heal. Contact us now to learn how we can help you live your life the way you’d like.