Amlie Thomas

My daughter was a premature baby, as she grew up, she was always on the skinny side. Despite the extra meals, she couldn’t gain weight and struggled with low energy. While I only remember kids being teased for being overweight, she would come home in tears about being teased for being too thin. We tried everything possible, but she wasn’t gaining weight. On a school trip, a mom from her class told me about metabolism testing recommend BioIntelligent Wellness. We went there, and they performed a Resting Metabolic Rate test (she said it was like snorkeling) and after made adjustments to her diet accordingly based on the results and our goals.Today, she has finally been able to gain the weight and is now in a normal BMI range. Her energy and grades have improved, and she no longer complains about being teased. Thanks Cat & BioIntelligent Wellness for all your help!