Ellen Kwame Corkrum

2 years ago, I was referred to BioIntelligent Wellness for my mother who was diabetic. In the beginning, her diabetes was controlled with medication but after my father died, things really changed. She was depressed, and her blood sugar was out of control. She went from swallowing medication to injecting but nothing seemed to be helping. She was gaining even more weight and I was scared I was going to lose a second parent if we didn’t get things under control. Finally, after her annual physical, her doctor told her she had reached the highest dose of Lantis he could prescribe and asked her if she would be willing to try something else. She was scared and finally willing to make some changes. Long story short – she started Ideal Protein and within 2 weeks, he began reducing her insulin dosage. I could slowly start to see my mom come back to life and within 6 weeks, she was completely off insulin. She continued to see her doctor every time her blood sugar dropped so he could adjust the medications. 3 months later, she discontinued her last diabetes medication and in total, had lost 40 pounds, 2 injectable medications and 2 pills for diabetes. She completed a full year of maintenance and stayed in close touch with her coach. I finally had my mom back and could stop worrying. She was so empowered by her results, she is now training to be a coach. We can’t thank Ideal Protein and BioIntelligent Wellness enough.