Fad Dieter Finally Gets Results
Fad Dieter Finally Gets Results
July 23, 2010

Years ago I went through a nutrition certification program. During the program the counselor would pay a visit to the homes and strip the cabinets and refrigerator of ‘bad foods’. Hardly any went into the trash, she took what she could use,
especially the gallon of ice cream. I thought that odd at the time, but I was willing to commit to the program.

The next nutritionist I was sent to later in life gave me the basic handouts, saying “Eat this, don’t eat that.” There was no follow-up and was very impersonal.

Since 1972 I’ve been interested in nutrition and did pretty good for many years studying and putting into practice what I had learned. I had many answers and was told I should write a book. Somewhere along the way I got too busy working long hours, two jobs and raising two teenagers alone. I couldn’t get my act together again.

I went on every diet I would come across, not realizing until now I was starving my body of nutrition.

When Dr. Aiello said he wanted me to see the nutritionist I thought, “Oh no not again, why waste my time?” I trusted my doctor so I agreed.

When I met BioIntelligent Wellness I knew immediately she was different. She was very personable which allowed me to feel at ease and I detected the sincerity in her I had not encountered in anyone before. I felt she truly wanted to help me. She wasn’t just going through the motions as her job dictated, she really cares about the person. I thought, “this has great promise, it can work”!

Well , I am not eating everything I am suppose to as yet, still working on it, but here is where I have noticed big improvements.

  • My hip is feeling much better and I don’t always need my cane.
  • My eyes are much clearer.
  • My skin is clearing.
  • My sleep has improved lately.
  • My nails are much healthier.
  • My hair isn’t falling out by the handfuls.
  • And I feel a whole lot better.

It is really wonderful that I can see the changes in my health so quickly. But that’s not all. I lost 2 dress sizes, from 22 to and 18. HOORAY!

BioIntelligent Wellness cuts through the guess work and lays out the essentials plain and simple and it works! I am so thankful to have her helping me to achieve renewed health.