Ideal Protein Guide For Handling Social Events and Eating Out With Friends

Weight loss and diet calls for a lot of discipline and sacrifices. Sometimes, you may feel like you are missing out while eating out or at a social gathering because of the diet restrictions. While you may feel left out in these circumstances and have thoughts of straying from your diet, remember how badly it will damage your hard work and your morale.

At our Ideal Protein clinic, we frequently come across dieters who seek tips to stick to protocol during vacations or Thanksgiving parties. Thankfully, going on the Ideal Protein diet doesn’t mean you have to give up your social life. With the right mindset and planning, you can still go out and spend time with the people you love without ruining your diet.

Our coaches came up with these amazing tips and ideas to help you go out with friends, enjoy the mood and still stick to protocol.

Get Ready!

Preparation is half the work. Figure out:

  1. What kind of event are you going to?
  2. What type of food will be shared at the event?
  3. Will lean Protein or veggies be available?

Remember you can always offer to bring a veggie tray or other compliant menu options. If you are going to a restaurant, try to check the menu online prior to going. This will help you decide what to eat ahead of time and set you up for success.

Our Tips on Food Selection 

Protein: When ordering protein, mention something like, “Grilled chicken with no sauce” that you know fits the protocol.

Veggies: Be specific with your order and ensure that your dietary needs are met. Ask for steamed veggies (not sautéed ones). You can say that you have food allergies, so you can only eat certain vegetables. Also, let the server know that you would like your veggies steamed and with no butter. Restaurants tend to add small butter to veggies to make them taste better. You can always tell them that you react to dairy.

Drinks: The best drink to have at social events is an Ideal Protein Mocktail. If you are not subscribed to our weekly recipes, here’s a mocktail we often recommend: IP Mangosteen Mocktail. This is a Exotic Fruit water enhancer mixed with sparkling water and lime. You can also reach out to us if you need help on how to make one. Having a mocktail in hand will help with peer pressure. Do not consume alcohol, pops, or any sugar-rich drink.

Note: Drinking while on the Ideal Protein diet can be very dangerous to your health. Talk to your coach if you have any questions or set up a consultation with us.

Salad Dressing: Have either white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or olive oil on the side so that you can determine the amount you add to your plate. You can also use extra lemon to drizzle on the salad if you want. Alternatively, you can purchase Walden Farms dressing packets and take one with you.

A Few More Tips 

  • A good option at a cookout with friends or while eating at a restaurant are hamburgers. You can just substitute the bun for lettuce and add extra veggies, as an easy IP friendly option.
  •  Some type of restaurants are easier to navigate then others. Steakhouses tend to have easy options. While you may want to stay away from Asian food as most of their sauces are rich in sugar. You can however order steamed meat and veggies.
  • While dining out, tell the server not to bring bread to your dinner table so you don’t get tempted.
  • Tell the restaurant to make the food “your way.” Again, don’t hesitate to make necessary changes when ordering. A lot of places will be happy to take your special requests.
  • Control your portion sizes, divide a meal in half and share with your friend.
  • Avoid the appetizer menu while dining out, as most do not fit into protocol.
  • Don’t eat a large meal at once. Cut it into two and save half for an easy compliant meal for the next day.
  • Try not to rush while eating and focus on your food, trying to remember to put down your fork after every bite.
  • Don’t go to a restaurant or social event extremely hungry, as you are more apt to make an off-protocol decision.
  • Bring your IP essentials: Having an IP snack with you, salad dressing, and/or ingredients for a mocktail will help keep you on track.

How to Overcome the Temptation to Cheat on Your Diet

  • When you are tempted to cheat, you first need to ask yourself what is the most important: Your diet that will improve your overall health or the off protocol food that will provide temporary satisfaction. You will always have the opportunity to eat the things that are not allowed during Phase 1 once in Maintenance. Bear in mind the more spot on you are in Phase 1 the quicker you will achieve your weight and health goals and be able to open up your diet to a more broad way of eating.
  • Go for a cup of coffee or tea when others are ordering dessert.
  • Reserve a restricted IP product for when everybody is indulging.
  • Bear in mind that you always get a choice. Making the right decision will always make you feel better at the end of the day. 

What to Do If You Cheat During a Social Event or Eat Out with Friends

We hope you remain motivated and stick to your diet, but if you do have a slip-up, you just need to forgive yourself and move on! Get back to the basics of the program and avoid eating restricted items or occasional vegetables the following days. Also, drink a lot of water! By doing so your body will get back into the fat-burning state (ketosis) before you know it!

Be Determined Not to Go Off Track and Reach Your Goals 

Ideal Protein is an effective diet program that helps you lose and maintain weight long-time. It helps rebalance your metabolism without you even knowing it. Don’t allow all your efforts to go down the drain by cheating during a social event. Read this guide anytime you are attending a social event or eating out at one of the popular restaurants around. At BioIntelligent Wellness, we want to ensure you achieve your diet goals!

Popular Food Restaurants & Foods You Can Order There

Take Away

Ideal Protein makes sure you can enjoy your social life while still losing weight. Perhaps, this is what makes the protocol one of the most popular diets in the nation. If you still require some help with eating out or are planning to get in shape, set up a FREE consultation with one of our Ideal Protein coaches.
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