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The problem is 1 in 3 American is facing Metabolic Syndrome and its medicinal treatment is not a permanent solution

As we know, Metabolic Syndrome is a group of problems with its four hallmark symptoms – obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and hyperglycemia.

With so many U.S citizens facing at least one or two of the above health issues, it has undoubtedly become the epidemic of the century. In many cases, it is the primary reason behind the apple shape of the body.

We have changed the USDA food pyramid, developed new drugs, and even removed soda machines from schools — yet 1 in 3 Americans is considered obese, primarily caused by Metabolic Syndrome.
USDA food Pyramid

Mainstream Treatment for Metabolic Syndrome and Its Shortfall:

Current treatments for Metabolic Syndrome fail because they focus on treating the symptoms rather than the root cause. These treatments typically prescribe medications to help the body produce more insulin or increase insulin sensitivity.
While insulin receptors on some tissues, such as muscle, may be resistant, other organs retain their sensitivity to insulin.
These organs’ prolonged exposure to higher than normal insulin levels inevitably leads to complications, thus requiring even more medications.
This is why we so often see patients taking a variety of prescription medications to deal with co-morbidities.


Many studies have shown that it’s possible to overcome the symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome by leaning on a healthier diet and lifestyle choices. One of the most successful dietary solution for Metabolic Syndrome is the Ideal Protein protocol.

The Ideal Protein method: It uses a ketogenic diet-based approach to providing a lasting solution to patients dealing with symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome. This low-carb, protein diet keeps the body’s insulin levels low, allowing the patient to regain sensitivity to and normal production of insulin. Ideal Protein is not just another weight loss diet. It is clinically-tested to improve metabolism, lower high blood-pressure, triglycerides, and promote rapid fat loss


The benefit of Ideal Protein method will help your patients adjust their insulin levels naturally and lose excess fat while maintaining lean muscle.

The diet uses lean protein and vegetables, with low levels of carbohydrates and fats so that your body’s performance towards various health issues enhance

Benefits To Your Patients

Weight loss

Weight loss of 15 — 20%, which vastly improves cardiovascular and metabolic health

Reduce Prescriptions

Reduction or elimination of dependence on pharmaceuticals for diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure, often starting in the first 3 weeks of being on the program.

Lower Triglycerides

Marked decrease in triglyceride level during the first few weeks of being on the Ideal Protein protocol

Clinically Approved

Providers speak to our

Dr. Aliza Cicerone ND, FABNO

Working with BioIntelligent Wellness has become one of the most invaluable tools that I can offer my patients. Even while approaching disease prevention and management from an integrative perspective, there are times when pharmaceuticals, supplement protocols and lifestyle modifications do not produce the desired results. Long term patients of m read more

Dr. Douglas Rothrock

The Ideal Protein Method has proven to be a life-changing catalyst, personally and for my patients. Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome are now one of the leading causes of disease and premature death in the U.S. As a cardiologist, the Ideal Protein Method is a wonderful tool I can recommend to my patients that will bring major benefits to their card read more

Dr. Lisa Jukes, F.A.C.O.G. F.A.G.O.G.

Dr. Lisa M. Jukes is a board-certified OB/GYN providing treatment in all aspects of gynecological health care. She highly recommends the Ideal Protein program for treating various health issues of women. Ideal Protein is more than just another low carb or ketogenic diet. It’s an effective tool that addresses modern women’s health issues at t read more

Dr. Kelly Bagnell, OB/GYN B/GYN

I have other women who have tried to get pregnant and they\'ve been unable to achieve that because of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which is one of the most common causes of female infertility. By having them lose at least 5 percent of their weight or 5 percent of their body mass (so 10 to 15 pounds) put them back into regular cycles and they read more

Dr. Orrin McLeod

I decided to start on the program myself for nutritional purposes. I did not need to lose weight but after seeing the presentation I realized how poor my nutrition had been. I am extremely active and I realized I had not been eating anywhere near enough protein. I had been skipping a lot of meals because I felt like I did not have the time to eat. read more

Dr. Renee Moss, MD MD

We have been very pleased with the results our dieters have achieved. In addition to losing weight while maintaining muscle mass which, we have seen better blood sugar and blood pressure control as well as decrease reliance on arthritis medications. The majority of our clients feel that the dietary changes are easy to implement and find the Idea read more

Dr. Kelly Bagnell, OB/GYN

When you\'re diagnosing patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), you know we have to rule out other kinds of causes for an ovulation. once you do that and you often figure out that they are resistant to insulin, that their sugars are elevated, their cholesterol panels off and their androgen levels are up. You can make a big impact in thei read more

Henry L. Rojas, MD, MS MD MS

As a physician, it gives me great pleasure to titrate patients off their medication(s). Truly, we have seen such changes in these people. We are pleased to say that Ideal Protein has been the last diet for many of our patients. We couldn\'t be happier with the outcome. We are pleased to say that Ideal Protein has been the last diet for many of o read more

Timothy Logemann, MD, FACC, FACP MD, FACC, FACP

As a cardiologist, I am always looking for ways to help my patients get healthier, improve their lipid profiles and reduce the risk of heart disease. Ideal Protein is a major tool that will help us accomplish these goals. Our research, presented at the Cleveland Clinic’s Obesity Conference and the National Obesity Conference, demonstrates these r read more


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