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Victoria L
Ideal Protein March 25, 2024

Ideal protein has changed my life significantly over the last 18 months and allowed me to reset my relationship with food. My coach, Debb, guided me with regular coaching sessions which helped with accountability. The focus on sustainable change helped me transition to maintenance where I have been able to sustain my 75lb weight loss. I have been able to live with more energy, less musculoskeletal pain and less stress around meal planning. I also dropped my total cholesterol 58 points and my LDL 61 points! Thank you Debb and Ideal Protein!

Lindsey Payne
All TestimonialsIdeal Protein January 20, 2024

There is nothing worse than feeling embarassed about how you look. Getting married and having a baby during the pandemic were the events that caused me to pack on the pounds. I had an array of health issues that came from having a 40 lb weight gain and spent a couple of years struggling to find solutions to the weight I had put on. The weight loss clinics that were covered by insurance had 1 year waitlists and did not offer weight loss through nutrition alone. After doing research, I found Biointelligent Wellness and within a week, I started on the program. 3.5 months later I am down 38 lbs and have gained strategies to maintain what I have lost. My coach, Debb, not only has supported me through my weight loss but continues to support me today. She is a major part of my life and will be my support through new phases of life, including another pregnancy. The program is affordable. The lifestyle changes you make on the program end up saving you money long term. I urge you to start the program and walk with the confidence that you deserve.

Paul Woodward Timmins
Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

I used to be 281 lbs. I lost some on my own (and gained some too), struggling through every diet you've ever heard of, but bottom line…this program works best, if you follow the plan properly. With BioIntelligent Wellness, I finally have my weight management under control. I've been around 160 lbs for almost 4 months now and holding strong. Believe me, it's not always easy. Having a knowledgeable coach who really cares about your success is one of the biggest differences. I love this program and still ask questions of my coach all the time. I've managed to get a dozen of my coworkers on the program too and they have all had amazing success. It's not just a quick fix, I’m living proof it works and has created a whole new lifestyle for me. Good luck.

Amlie Thomas
Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

My daughter was a premature baby, as she grew up, she was always on the skinny side. Despite the extra meals, she couldn’t gain weight and struggled with low energy. While I only remember kids being teased for being overweight, she would come home in tears about being teased for being too thin. We tried everything possible, but she wasn’t gaining weight. On a school trip, a mom from her class told me about metabolism testing recommend BioIntelligent Wellness. We went there, and they performed a Resting Metabolic Rate test (she said it was like snorkeling) and after made adjustments to her diet accordingly based on the results and our goals.Today, she has finally been able to gain the weight and is now in a normal BMI range. Her energy and grades have improved, and she no longer complains about being teased. Thanks Cat & BioIntelligent Wellness for all your help!

Jaynie Mae Baker
Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

My problem area has always been my stomach and despite my best efforts, getting rid of it is has been impossible. While I didn’t have a lot of weight on the scale to lose, it kept me from enjoying my closet full of designer dresses and instead I was stuck camouflaging with bulky sweaters and jackets. I tried a diet with appetite suppressant pills but the belly wouldn’t budge. After seeing a girlfriend have great success with BioIntelligent Wellness, I switched over to Ideal Protein. I can’t believe how quickly it worked! I stayed on the weight loss phase for 3 weeks and my stomach got flatter each week. The diet was simple, easy to follow and most importantly – it worked!

Ellen Kwame Corkrum
Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

2 years ago, I was referred to BioIntelligent Wellness for my mother who was diabetic. In the beginning, her diabetes was controlled with medication but after my father died, things really changed. She was depressed, and her blood sugar was out of control. She went from swallowing medication to injecting but nothing seemed to be helping. She was gaining even more weight and I was scared I was going to lose a second parent if we didn’t get things under control. Finally, after her annual physical, her doctor told her she had reached the highest dose of Lantis he could prescribe and asked her if she would be willing to try something else. She was scared and finally willing to make some changes. Long story short – she started Ideal Protein and within 2 weeks, he began reducing her insulin dosage. I could slowly start to see my mom come back to life and within 6 weeks, she was completely off insulin. She continued to see her doctor every time her blood sugar dropped so he could adjust the medications. 3 months later, she discontinued her last diabetes medication and in total, had lost 40 pounds, 2 injectable medications and 2 pills for diabetes. She completed a full year of maintenance and stayed in close touch with her coach. I finally had my mom back and could stop worrying. She was so empowered by her results, she is now training to be a coach. We can’t thank Ideal Protein and BioIntelligent Wellness enough.

Danielle Healy
Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

After first pregnancy, my body wasn't what it used to be and I knew my ways of eating was a part of that. I always had a problems around my lower-back and I didn't understand why - no matter how many salads I ate and how often I exercised. I have tried making self meal plans and diets but nothing worked out. At the end, I was ready to give up and say, "this-is-it for my body, I'll just get surgery". But I decided to go to a nutritionist once because I've never done it before and I found Debb.

Yong Huei Wang
All TestimonialsIdeal Protein January 28, 2020

At my surgical consultation before my hip replacement surgery, my orthopedist told me that he was uncomfortable with performing surgery until I lost weight. He knew I was in daily pain and told me that a lot of his patients have had success working with BioIntelligent Wellness. While he wouldn’t perform surgery at my weight, he agreed to schedule the surgery, so I had a goal date and told me if my weight wasn’t down, it would be rescheduled. By the time my pre-op came around, I had lost his required 30 pounds and the date was confirmed.Over the course of the next six months, I lost a total of 75lbs by following the Ideal Protein program. I am so glad he didn’t do the surgery until I lost the weight. I’m convinced by taking so much weight

Jennifer Creed
Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

My daughter recommended I go to BioIntelligent Wellness since I was struggling to lose the 15 pounds I gained around my mid-section after menopause. The program was very easy to follow, and the coaching was great. The ideal protein diet was easy to follow and my coaching visits in the office and electronic support kept me on track. I am glad I did it and it’s great to know I can always come back to BioIntelligent Wellness if I ever need a restart. I couldn't have done this alone - I learned a lot during my process and was glad I decided to join them! Thanks a million Cat!

David Mark
Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

I signed up for Ideal Protein after extensive research and decided that it is the best way for me to approach ketogenic weight loss. I have to say that it has been the team at BioIntelligent Wellness that has truly made the difference in my level of success, especially Debb and Cat. The entire team has gone out of their way to support my on my journey and I definitely recommend this program!!

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