Surrogacy BMI Management Program

BioIntelligent Wellness works with Surrogates and Surrogacy Agencies across the country to assist their surrogates in meeting the BMI requirements for program acceptance, matching, medical screening, and embryo transfers.

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Why The Program Works

Our goal is to support surrogates and agencies in helping families realize their dreams of becoming parents through third-party reproduction. By helping surrogates quickly achieve an optimal BMI prior to their journey, our program increases safety for the surrogate, reduces their likelihood of experiencing complications, and allows agencies to move forward with many more otherwise ideal candidates.

What is BMI?

BMI is short for body mass index. It is simply a measurement of an individual’s body fat based on their height and weight. Healthcare providers commonly use BMIs to help assess risk factors for certain health conditions.

If you are curious,

Why is BMI Important for Surrogacy?

Being a surrogate is one of the most selfless gifts a woman can provide to another family, and the reproductive medical community is committed to increasing safety for these women and the children they carry by establishing strict guidelines, especially when it comes to a surrogate’s BMI.

The formal BMI requirement set forth by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) is a maximum BMI of 34 at the time of embryo transfer. In recent years, IVF centers have lowered the BMI requirements, forcing agencies to align their criteria and setting the BMI qualification maximum at 32 and as low as a BMI of 30 at some agencies.

How A Higher BMI Poses Potential Risks?


Longer time to conceive. Usually, women with a BMI of 35 or higher take twice as long to get pregnant.


Reduces response to medications used to prepare for embryo transfer or increases the amount of medications needed.


The risk of preeclampsia is higher – which is dangerous for both the baby and the surrogate mother. Women with a BMI of 35 are more prone to preeclampsia than those with a BMI of 25.


Higher risk of hypertension, which can result in compulsory bed rest and increased complications. Women with a BMI above 30 are more likely to have blood pressure issues during pregnancy.


Labor can be harder. Women who are overweight tend to labor longer. Since the baby tends to be larger, there’s an increased risk of Cesarean-section, and the surrogate mother is also more likely to have anesthesia complications or hemorrhage.


The child has a higher risk of many complications. A high BMI of the surrogate mother can result in miscarriage, stillbirth, high birth weight, and birth defect rates.


Increases the risk of gestational diabetes. Women with a BMI above 30 are more likely to develop pregnancy-induced diabetes.

How Does Our Surrogacy Weight Loss Program Helps

  • An ideal BMI increases their chances of being accepted, matched, and proceeding with their surrogacy journey
  • Lowers their risk for obesity-related pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, hypertension, macrosomia, and more
  • Gives busy moms focused support and allows them to establish healthy dietary habits before moving forward with their surrogacy pregnancy
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  • Agencies are faced with a shortage of surrogates, unable to meet the increasing demands of the parents requiring a surrogate. This program allows agencies to increase their candidate pool by helping surrogates lower their BMIs into an acceptable range.
  • Enrolling surrogates in a weight loss program allows the agency to demonstrate their commitment to supporting the surrogate on their journey while allowing the surrogate to demonstrate their commitment to surrogacy and prioritizing
  • As IVF centers continue to lower BMI requirements and Intended Parents seek surrogates with lower BMIs, it allows agencies to adapt to the changing requirements and stay competitive with an adequate pool of qualified candidates.
  • Allows agencies to attract more candidates and differentiate themselves from agencies that pass over otherwise qualified candidates.
  • Reduces wasted costs of recruitment for candidates rejected for BMI.
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  • The program not only helps surrogates lose weight but also establishes healthy eating habits that they carry forward into pregnancy and beyond.
  • Increases the chances of a successful embryo transfer and reduces the risk of pregnancy loss.
  • Lowers risks of stressful and costly maternal pregnancy complications
  • Increases safety for the baby and reduces the likelihood of stillbirth, birth defects, and increased propensity for health conditions, such as diabetes, later in life.
  • Demonstrates their surrogate’s commitment to a healthy surrogacy journey and is willing to take steps to achieve this goal.
  • Decreases unnecessary delays and increased expenses for candidates that are matched but unable to proceed in record review approval, medical clearance, and embryo transfers.
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Those We Helped on Their Surrogacy Journey

Marylou I

I had never been on a diet before, but really wanted to lose weight to be able to be a surrogate. I was referred to BioIntelligent Wellness to help me achieve the necessary weight loss. Having never dieted I was nervous, but The custom plan and support I was provided was amazing. I was able to lose 22 pounds and become a surrogate!

Shannon O.

I had tried many diets through the years, but could never really stick to any, but with this program I lost 18 pounds. I don’t think I would have been able to be a surrogate if it wasn’t for the constant support BioIntelligent Wellness provided me.

Violet G.

Over the course of my diet plan I was able to achieve amazing weight loss results with the guidance of Cat and BioIntelligentwellness. Cat was not only diligent but very consistent and always available. She worked with my likes and dislikes and gave me the motivation that I needed to succeed. She found a diet that worked with my work and home life. I was able to lose 40 pounds.

Megan A.

Loved working with BioIntelligent for surrogacy weight loss. I was given a custom plan to be able to achieve my BMI goal. The woman I worked with was in constant communication with me and helped me find alternatives to foods that would keep me on track and not feeling deprived. I lost 34 pounds. It was a great experience.

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