Ideal Protein

Your Protocol for Lasting Weight Loss

Reach your health and weight goals with our Ideal Protein program

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Ideal Protein Meal Plans

Ideal Protein Meal Plans

Put your weight loss to automatic with BioIntelligent Wellness’ protocol-friendly meal plans. Losing weight is now tastier, faster and easier.

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Get Access to New Ideal Protein Friendly Meal Plans Every Week

Get Access to New Ideal Protein Friendly Meal Plans Every Week


Check Out the Virtual Ideal Protein Program with BioIntelligent Wellness

Not all Ideal Protein clinics are created equally. This is an important distinction and we recommend you do your research to make sure you have an ideal experience.

At BioIntelligent Wellness, we realize that coaching is the most important aspect of the protocol and pride ourselves on creating value in every coaching visit and by electronic support between visits.


  • Program Start Fees Waived
  • 1 Free Box With a 3 Week Order
  • $15 Flat Shipping Charges For Orders Over $200

Find Your Favorite Ideal Protein Products

Breakfast $34.60 Multi-Grain Seeded Bread
Breakfast $32.60 Golden Pancake Mix
Non-restricted snacks $18.90 Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Mini Bar
Supplements $30.90 BCAA Lemon-Lime Flavored Powder – NEW!!
Beverages $56.68 Ready-To-Serve Cappuccino Shake (SOLD in pack of 12)
Beverages $32.00 Pina Colada Smoothie Mix (Piña Colada Drink Mix)
Supplements $10.50 Powdered Water Enhancer: Raspberry Lemonade (NEW)
Breakfast, Non-restricted snacks $34.60 BUTTER POPCORN POPPER CAKES
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