Ideal Protein: It Just
Makes Sense! What is Ideal Protein Diet? Explore Phase 1 and the Ideal Protein foods list

Why Ideal Protein Diet and How Does it Work?

Ideal Protein is NOT another high protein diet. In fact, Ideal Protein is a low carb, adequate protein, and low-fat diet that promotes rapid fat loss.

The science behind it is simple. The body has three sources of energy it uses to meet its metabolic needs: carbohydrates, muscle, and fat. The body will draw from its carbohydrate reserve before it draws from muscle and fat.

During Phase 1 or the weight loss phase of the protocol, simple and complex carbohydrate intake is limited to encourage the body to use its fat and muscle reserves for energy. By eating high quality protein foods, such as those in the Ideal Protein diet protocol, the body is able to maintain lean muscle mass and burn fat. The protocol, developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, also teaches dieters how to develop smarter eating habits and make better lifestyle choices, so they can maintain a stable weight after the loss is achieved.

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The 3-Phase Ideal Protein Protocol Diet

Are you ready for a change?

Phase 1

Weight Loss

Lasts until 100% of your weight loss goal is achieved
Phase 2


14 days to stabilize your weight loss, allowing you to maintain a healthy weight and build healthy habits

Phase 3


Reset what’s possible and learn to live your fullest, healthiest, best life yet – without dieting.

Our Ideal Protein Programs

Weight Loss Program

Whether you would like to lose cellulite, 10 pounds or over 100 pounds, Ideal Protein shows you how to lose weight quickly, stabilize it for 14 days and then keep it off. During the weight loss phase, this program focuses on a ketogenic diet that restricts carbohydrates to force the body to burn stored fat.


No hunger

While in ketosis, your body has unlimited access to your fat stores, so your hunger alarm is silenced.

Lose fat not muscle

Low carb, adequate protein and low-fat diet allows you to burn stored fat first and maintain your metabolism.

Consistent Support

Our coaches will be by your side during weekly in person or virtual visits and in between with electronic coaching.

We teach you to maintain

This is a 3-phase diet, where you lose quickly, stabilize your weight loss and then we show you how to live off a diet.


Whether you are down the street or across the country, our in-person or online formats offer you flexibility and time efficiency.

Predictable, rapid weight loss

Our clients lose up to 3–7 pounds per week without strenuous exercise.


Teenage Weight Loss Program

For most of us, our teenage years were difficult enough without the added challenges that come with being an overweight teenager. The typical stresses of family, school and friends often become compounded by the stress of being overweight and leave them feeling defeated and overwhelmed.


Benefits To Your Teen

A support system

Our one-on-one coaching model provides a support system (outside of the family) to guide them throughout their Ideal Protein journey and into maintenance.

Your teen’s success

Online tools and ongoing support of supportive, non-judgmental coaches and community designed to maximize your teen’s success.

Teen-friendly food

Easy to prepare, affordable, delicious teen-friendly food and keto recipes.

Lifestyle education

Lifestyle education, coaching and guidance to help your teen sustain their success.

A personalized approach

We take a personalized approach to setting and achieving goals, building self-confidence & healthy habits.


Virtual Coaching Program

Don’t have a convenient Ideal Protein Clinic near you or travel a lot? Welcome to our Virtual Coaching Program! BioIntelligent Wellness has been offering virtual coaching for over a decade and we support you in reaching your goals with Ideal Protein and your choice of weekly coaching over the telephone, FaceTime, or Zoom.


Consistent Support

Our coaches will be by your side with weekly virtual visits and in between with electronic coaching.

Lose fat not muscle

Low carb, adequate protein and low-fat diet allows you to burn stored fat first and maintain your metabolism.

No hunger

While in ketosis, your body has unlimited access to your fat stores, so your hunger alarm is silenced.

We teach you to maintain

This is a 3-phase diet, where you lose quickly, stabilize your weight loss and then we show you how to live off a diet.


Whether you are down the street or across the country, our online Ideal Protein program offers individuals and companies flexibility and time efficiency.

Predictable, rapid weight loss

Our clients lose up to 3–7 pounds per week without strenuous exercise.


*We utilize a variety of formats including Telephone, FaceTime and Zoom Meetings to support you in reaching your goals.

Reduce The Need For Prescription Drugs

It is possible to live a prescription drug-free, healthy lifestyle with our Ideal Protein Program! Our medically-designed plan addresses the underlying issues that cause many of today’s common health conditions. By following our method, you’ll stabilize blood sugar levels and burn fat, eliminating or reducing the need for medication for high blood pressure, gout, high cholesterol, diabetes and other associated conditions.

We’ve seen many patients go from taking 5 or more prescription drugs a day to taking none—and those patients have maintained their results for years.


Lose Weight

Weight loss of up to 3–7 pounds per week without strenuous exercise, as well as stable weight and lab values once transitioned to maintenance phase.

Reduce Medications

Reduction or elimination of the need for diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure medications typically within the first 4–6 weeks.

Consistent Support

Our coaches will be by your side with weekly virtual visits and in between with electronic coaching.

Lower Triglycerides

Marked decrease in triglyceride level during the first few weeks of being on the Ideal Protein protocol.

Clinical Coordination

We work as a team to support your progress and your physician’s guidelines. Your prescribing physician will continue to manage your medications and as you progress, they are quickly reduced and eventually eliminated.

Control Cravings

Reduced cravings for unhealthy foods and reduced overall hunger.


Why Choose BioIntelligent Wellness for Your Ideal Protein Journey?

Choosing the Ideal Protein clinic you will work with on your weight loss journey is almost as important a step as deciding to lose weight. This decision not only determines your potential for success with Ideal Protein diet but also can determine how quickly you will lose weight.

For the last 10 years, BioIntelligent Wellness has specialized in the Ideal Protein protocol. We have helped thousands of dieters lose tens of thousands of pounds on the Ideal Protein diet. Whether it’s a weight loss plateau you are stuck in or need a fresh Ideal Protein recipe idea to get over the food fatigue – we have your back. Before selecting your Ideal Protein clinic, there are a few important considerations we encourage you to look at:

Ideal Protein - our specialization- Ideal Protein Diet

Our Specialization

While many different types of clinics exist, our clinic specializes in improving health parameters through nutrition and dietary interventions


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Ideal Protein - our flexibility - Ideal Protein Diet

Our Flexibility

Can you be seen after regular business hours? Early mornings, after work and on the weekend is when most people can make time for a reoccurring


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Ideal Protein - our coaching - Ideal Protein Diet

Our Coaching

The coaching component of this program is one of the most important keys to your success. Yes, any diet can be done without coaching


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Ideal Protein Products Online

Choose from our delicious Ideal Protein food list to satisfy your cravings while restricting simple & complex carbohydrates.


Chicken Chowder Mix - New!

Chow down. Our delicious chicken chowder will warm and delight your taste buds.
Ideal Protein recipes - vegetable-bolognese-spaghetti

Vegetable Bolognese Spaghetti Mix

Vegetable Bolognese Spaghetti Mix – NEW!

Ideal Protein Digital Scale

This food scale is customized to include the Ideal Protein 1 Cup Vegetable Conversions which are printed directly on the scale (in both English and French.) We know many dieters refer to this cup conversion chart frequently, so now it’s right at your fingertips to help facilitate your meal prep!

Ideal Protein Cook book

Introducing Ideal Protein’s first new cookbook in years – The Essential Ideal Protein Cookbook: Over 100 Easy Meals and Snacks in 15, 20 & 30 Minutes. This cookbook offers updated recipes to the latest protocol innovations, include macro values for Phase 2 and 3, and incorporates recipes.

Ideal Protein Forms

Must have

Ideal Protein Health Profile Form


PHI Disclosure (medical records release)

Real People, Real Results

Before Diet

– Gary C

Before Diet

– Danielle R.

Before Diet

– Marcos C.

Before Diet

– Tuni Rafaele

Before Diet

– Lynn P

Before Diet

– Julie Moreno

Success Stories

We Not Only Help People, We Change Their Lives

Jaynie-Mae-Baker Jaynie Mae Baker

My problem area has always been my stomach and despite my best efforts, getting rid of it is has been impossible. While I didn’t have a lot of weight on the scale to lose, it kept me from enjoying my closet full of designer dresses and instead I was stuck camouflaging with bulky sweaters and jackets. I tried a diet with appetite suppressant pills read more

Paul-Woodward-Timmins Paul Woodward Timmins

I used to be 281 lbs. I lost some on my own (and gained some too), struggling through every diet you've ever heard of, but bottom line…this program works best, if you follow the plan properly. With Ideal Protein diet and the guidance of BioIntelligent Wellness, I finally have my weight management under control. I've been around 160 lbs for almost read more

Ellen-Kwame-Corkrum Ellen Kwame Corkrum

2 years ago, I was referred to BioIntelligent Wellness for my mother who was diabetic. In the beginning, her diabetes was controlled with medication but after my father died, things really changed. She was depressed, and her blood sugar was out of control. She went from swallowing medication to injecting but nothing seemed to be helping. She was ga read more

Amlie-Thomas Amlie Thomas

My daughter was a premature baby, as she grew up, she was always on the skinny side. Despite the extra meals, she couldn’t gain weight and struggled with low energy. While I only remember kids being teased for being overweight, she would come home in tears about being teased for being too thin. We tried everything possible, but she wasn’t gaini read more

Cale-Ryan Cale Ryan

BioIntelligent Wellness - I had a great experience! My goal was to lose weight but this program not only helped me to lose but also kept me motivated to maintain it. I worked with Cat who is a very informed and supportive coach. She never failed to acknowledge my success, encouraged me and even supported me through my not-so-wise bad decisions. The read more

maria Maria

I just recently completed BioIntelligent Wellness, Ideal Protein Weight Loss diet and I feel AMAZING! I've lost nearly 11 pounds in 18 days, not only does this diet help me lose weight, but it teaches me how to make healthier decisions and eating habits. I have permanently adapt this lifestyle changes and really happy from it. If you're interested read more

David-Mark David Mark

I signed up for Ideal Protein diet after extensive research and decided that it is the best way for me to approach ketogenic weight loss. I have to say that it has been the team at BioIntelligent Wellness that has truly made the difference in my level of success, especially Debb and Cat. The entire team has gone out of their way to support my on my read more

jenifer-creed Jennifer Creed

My daughter recommended I go to BioIntelligent Wellness since I was struggling to lose the 15 pounds I gained around my mid-section after menopause. The program was very easy to follow, and the coaching was great. The Ideal Protein diet was easy to follow and my coaching visits in the office and electronic support kept me on track. I am glad I did read more

Yong-Huei-Wang Yong Huei Wang

At my surgical consultation before my hip replacement surgery, my orthopedist told me that he was uncomfortable with performing surgery until I lost weight. He knew I was in daily pain and told me that a lot of his patients have had success working with BioIntelligent Wellness. While he wouldn’t perform surgery at my weight, he agreed to schedule read more

Danielle-Healy Danielle Healy

After first pregnancy, my body wasn't what it used to be and I knew my ways of eating was a part of that. I always had a problems around my lower-back and I didn't understand why - no matter how many salads I ate and how often I exercised. I have tried making self meal plans and diets but nothing worked out. At the end, I was ready to give up and s read more

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We are always ready to answer any of your questions

Is Ideal Protein safe?


The program itself is clinically-tested and all the products are approved by FDA. The best part of Ideal Protein protocol is, although it follows a ketogenic approach, it overcomes many of the shortfalls of a typical keto diet.

However, it is important to complete a health profile to ensure it is healthy for you to participate. Depending on your health history and active conditions, your doctor may need to sign a release for you to participate.

Is Ideal Protein a high-protein diet?

Ideal Protein is not high-protein but high-quality protein. Ideal Protein, an adequate protein diet, incorporates the perfect combination of highly absorbable protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals – all the necessary ingredients for healthy weight loss.


How much does the Ideal Protein diet cost?

With most Ideal Protein clinics, you will need to pay an initial fee of $350 – $450.

With BioIntelligent Wellness, your initial consultation comes free of these upfront charges.

Your coaching visits are only $15 a week and that also covers electronic coaching between your visits. Also, while on the Ideal Protein Phase 1, it’s feasible to budget for around $93 a week for the foods, and for Phase 2, you can expect $62 per week for food.

In Phase 3 or maintenance phase, no Ideal Protein products are required and it’s up to you to decide if you have favorite products you wish to continue using in maintenance.

Are there any side effects?

Like any other diet, yes.

In the initial days, as you are changing your eating habit as well as your routine, you may experience discomfort, hunger, cravings, etc. But worry not. Your Ideal Protein coaches are just a text away to give you the right advice in such cases.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a state of body metabolism where your body burns fats (ketone bodies) as the primary source of energy instead of carbohydrates. It is using your stored fat as the primary energy source.

Phase 1 of Ideal Protein puts your body into ketosis. The only difference is, here your body gets the optimal protein needed for maintaining lean mass and other nutrients essential for the body’s biochemical activities. With the needs of your body met, you are able to burn your stored fat with ease.

Ideal Protein Virtual Program

Can I buy Ideal Protein products online?

Yes, we can help you buy your Ideal Protein products online. We are currently helping Ideal Protein dieters of other clinics that need to buy food but plan to continue with their coaching program. If your clinic is closed, we can help you with making sure you have food and coaching support. Since Ideal Protein diet is not a do-it-yourself program, we want to make sure you have the support you need.

Can you ship foods overnight?

1-day shipping is available. Please contact us for pricing.

Can you ship foods to Canada or other countries?


Do you deliver Ideal Protein food?

If you are a local dieter, contact us about free local food delivery.

Do you have Spanish speaking coaches?

¡Si! Tenemosentrenadores de hablahispana y podemosapoyar a quieneshacendieta Ideal Protein enespañol.

Corporate Wellness

What type of Corporate Wellness programs do you offer?

We offer a variety of programs, from lunch & learns, corporate fitness, structured weight loss programs focusing on improving vital health markers, metabolic testing as well as health & wellness coaching.

What will the Ideal Protein Corporate Program consist of?

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program is typically offered as an onsite or offsite, structured 8-16-week program. The program may be structured with or without a fitness component. This program consists of activities that include health awareness, lifestyle change, and measurable results. Depending on level of participation and program options selected, the activities in each area may include, but are not limited to:

a) Program Launch/Info Meeting
b) Initial One-on-One Coaching Visit (60 minutes)
c) Weekly One-on-One Coaching Visits (20 minutes)
d) Program Conclusion Celebration

When will this program take place?

Corporate Wellness program activities may be scheduled as a one-time event, an ongoing employee benefits offering or a combination of thereof.

Coaching visits may be scheduled during the following times:

  • Before work
  • During work, provided scheduling and workload needs of the company are met
  • Between work (lunch and breaks)
  • After work
Where will this program take place?

Corporate Wellness program activities typically take place in appropriate designated spaces on-site. This may include conference rooms and other available indoor and outdoor areas.

Coaching visits may be scheduled for onsite at your workplace, at either our Carlsbad or Solana Beach location or may be held virtually via Zoom, telephone, FaceTime or Skype.

Who is eligible to participate?

All employees are eligible for voluntary participation in the weight loss program.

Family members, significant others and friends are eligible to participate per guidelines set by the organization.

Select participants may be required obtain medical clearance from their primary care provider to participate in the Ideal Protein corporate weight loss program.

Provider Faq

Are there any Ideal Protein products that someone who is lactose intolerant should avoid?

People who are lactose intolerant do not produce the enzyme lactase are therefore cannot digest the sugar lactose (a disaccharide composed of a molecule of galactose and glucose). If they ingest lactose, they typically can get cramps or gas. This is NOT an allergy, so they wouldn’t have a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction.

Our Ideal Protein products that contain whey isolates (most of the drinks) only contain about 0.05% lactose and this small amount usually does not cause any problems with these folks. I would have them avoid the products that contain whole milk protein (the cappuccino, the chocolate drink, the omelet, the crispy cereal, puddings, etc). The other option is to let them try a “small amount” of some of these foods and to see if they in fact do experience any discomfort. They can take one of the many Ideal Protein products for lactose intolerant people that contain lactase (i.e“Dairy-Eze” or “Lactaid”). But most of these folks just opt to avoid the foods containing the whole milk protein.

Can Gastric bypass/Lapband patients go on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method?

Ideal Protein diet is great for gastric bypass/lap band patients…both for losing weight and to provide a great source of protein in a very small volume of food, Lapbanders will do well with that.

How many calories will I be consuming daily while on the weight loss phase of Ideal Protein diet?

In short, you will be consuming approximately 900-1100 calories from the foods you eat. Unlike the other keto diets, Ideal Protein diet provides adequate amounts of protein to protect you from muscle loss. Ideal Protein diet also provides the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

On average, you need 2,000 calories each day to meet your body’s needs, and 900 of these calories are going to come from the Ideal Protein diet. The remaining 1,100 calories will come from fat taken from your own fat stores!

How would the sea salt and supplements affect a dieter that is bipolar and is on Lithium?

Lithium and sodium (chemically very similar) affect each other in an inverse manner. That is as you increase your sodium intake your lithium levels will decrease and if you cut down on salt, your lithium levels could creep up. Lithium unfortunately has a “narrow therapeutic index” meaning the blood level has to be “just right”. Too little and there is no benefit to the patient. Too much and it can be very toxic (usually nausea is the first symptom of too high level). The only really good way to monitor this is do a lithium blood level (Quest of Lab Corp routinely do these). Start the dieter on the program and draw a lithium level at about three weeks. Tell he or she to keep track of the salt they are using. If the blood level comes back a little low, tell them to “back off on the salt a tad”. If it comes back a little high, tell them to use more salt. Hopefully it won’t be a big deal, but at least we’re watching things. It is recommended to repeat the test in a month.

During the first TWO WEEKS of the program, the glycogen stores have been depleted and the dieter is consuming only the barest of necessary carbs for the brain, adrenal medulla, nucleated blood cells and a couple of other cells, that CANNOT use ketonic bodies as a fuel source, they MUST have glucose.

I have a patient who is on Coumadin and was told not to eat any cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, green beans, turnip greens, etc., but he has, and his levels of Coumadin needed have skyrocketed. Can he do the diet and eat something else? Can patients on Coumadin do this diet?

Patients on Coumadin certainly MAY do the diet, over a couple of months, especially if they supplement with some good Omega-3 oils (i.e. fish oil, cod liver oil) and decreasing their blood sugar via the “protocol”, their dosage of Coumadin can usually be reduced. However certain vegetables (due to their high vitamin K content) can cause certain clotting factors to increase thus necessitating a need for an increased dose of Coumadin (Warfarin). Attached is a list of the “K” content of various foods. Patients should pick the vegetables that have the lowest levels of “K” and it should not pose a problem with the diet.

Good recommendations would be: mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, garlic, only iceberg lettuce, celery, etc. I would advise to keep this list handy and the “docs” can give it to patients who must take Coumadin. Also, there’s a pharmacist’s trick, if necessary, the patient can take a “baby aspirin” per day. This will cause the levels of Coumadin to rise in the blood without increasing the dose of the drug. Note: This should only be done if absolutely necessary and the patient should be advised to watch for signs of bruising.

The IP Weight Loss Method


Employee Health Care Costs

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh on COVID-19

Top Arrow

Phase 1: Weight Loss

Lasts until 100% of your weight loss goal is achieved.

Predictable Weight Loss

Lose up to 6 to 8 pounds during the first 2 weeks. Thereafter, at least 2 pounds per week (most lose 2— 5) when the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is followed properly.

The Science

How It Works

Phase 2: Stabilization

Reset mind to maintain a healthy weight and build healthy habits.

Once a client’s weight has successfully been stabilized, the client can segue into Maintenance

This stabilization occurs through various weekly “tweaks” in macronutrients.

The Task

First Week — “Step-Down Week”

The Second Week - Reintroduction


Phase 3: Maintenance

Reset possible and live your fullest, healthiest, best life yet.

How It Works

The Process

Our Specialization

We Specialize in Nutrition

While many different types of clinics exist, our clinic specializes in improving health parameters through nutrition and dietary interventions. Whether our clients are looking to lose weight for health or aesthetic reasons, we specialize in a nutritional approach to wellness.

We Are Experienced In Working with Dieters On Medications And Partner With Their Physicians

We have long supported dieters who are on medications for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol medications. Locally we work with several outside physicians who specifically refer their patients to our program for co-management of their metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, and gout patients. These physicians do not financially benefit from referring patients to our program and refer to us solely based on the results we achieve with their patients.

We Can Customize Maintenance

Our local dieters who successfully complete the protocol will have Resting Metabolic Rate Testing (RMR testing) performed the second or third week of Phase 3. For distance dieters, we can locate a facility near you to perform the testing and use it to customize your lifestyle program. We use the results to help our clients customize their calories and macronutrient needs for maintenance. While testing is not required, many of our dieters feel confident knowing exactly what they need, and it creates a foundation for their meal planning and helps to maintain their losses.

If you’ve never heard of metabolism testing and are interested in learning more about why we do it, check this out.

Our Flexibility

Our Flexible Hours Make Being Consistent Easy

Can you be seen after regular business hours? Early mornings, after work and on the weekend is when most people can make time for a reoccurring appointment and sometimes that differs from week to week. Before selecting a clinic it’s important to determine if they’re able to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Our Ideal Protein Online Program Option

Again, we find that many dieters are most successful if they have a variety of options for appointment types. We have always offered an online option for customized nutrition as our clients come from around the US and in some cases the world.

We started our Ideal Protein online program to accommodate our clients that travel frequently or who relocate and wanted to continue with their coach. Over the past couple of years, we have found that not all Ideal Protein clinics approach and administer the protocol in the same way. Today, we have dieters from around the country who chose the Ideal Protein online program for convenience, availability and ultimately because they feel the value of having a program that works with their lifestyle.

Our Coaching

Our Coaches Are Experienced Experts on Ideal Protein

The coaching component of this program is one of the most important keys to your success. Yes, any diet can be done without coaching, but we find that without coaching or without adequate coaching dieters are less successful, spend more time on the diet (which means more cost) and have a more difficult time transitioning off the diet into a maintainable lifestyle.

All our coaches undergo the full Ideal Protein certification program and much more. In addition to the Ideal Protein initial and ongoing training, our coaches all participate in continuing education and working collaboration through BioIntelligent Wellness. Since most of our coaches also maintain outside certifications and licenses, they are also required to complete annual continuing education.

The Ideal Protein coaches at our clinic work under our program director, whose sole focus is Ideal Protein, and who supervises the progress of each dieter and can offer insight on ways to accelerate your success. All of the coaches have also successfully completed the diet themselves and have been with us for years. We believe that intellectual knowledge is important, but the combination of knowledge and experience is invaluable to fully support a dieter on the program.

Our Coaches Have Nutrition Experience Outside of Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein offers comprehensive training for coaches, but the Ideal Protein training is just the beginning. While it provides a great foundation, we at BioIntelligent Wellness hire coaches that have not only trained on Ideal Protein, they have advanced education in the area of nutrition and have nutrition certifications and licenses that extend beyond Ideal Protein’s training.

Our Dieters Feel A Sense of Value from Every Visit

We are amazed when we hear the stories about how some other clinics manage their Ideal Protein program and particularly the coaching aspect. We believe that effective coaching extends far beyond performing biometric measurements on someone and selling them food. Our coaches focus on the physiologic science of fat loss however they also focus on education, identifying and overcoming patterns, lifestyle challenges and the emotional components of weight gain and loss. We know there is no such thing as one size fits all, especially when it comes to coaching and true change.

We are committed to creating value out of every coaching session which is why our dieters pay for their coaching as they go. This protocol requires diverse coaching focuses for each phase of the diet and our coaches know what it takes to help you succeed on all levels, including transitioning to your lifestyle and maintaining your victories.

Our Dieters Are Supported in Between Visits

We believe you’re on a diet 7 days a week and all our dieters are supported electronically through text and email by their coach in-between visits. Life happens and sometimes we have questions, need guidance or help to navigate something that comes up. Our coaches are there for you.

Our philosophy stems from our experience and specialization in administering effective nutrition programs. For the last 12 years, BioIntelligent Wellness’s customized nutrition patients have always felt the electronic support was a valuable contributor to their success so when we launched our Ideal Protein program, we extended this support to our Ideal Protein clients.

We Offer Bilingual Coaching

Spanish speaking clients sometimes prefer to receive their coaching and support in their native language, and we love to support them! Our bilingual Spanish coach, Rocio Delgado, is a native speaker, an Ideal Protein coach and has a master’s degree in public health.