Teen Program

Teenage Weight Loss Program

For most of us, our teenage years were difficult enough without the added challenges that come with being an overweight teenager. The typical stresses of family, school and friends often become compounded by the stress of being overweight and leave them feeling defeated and overwhelmed.


Benefits To Your Teen

A support system

Our one-on-one coaching model provides a support system (outside of the family) to guide them throughout their Ideal Protein journey and into maintenance.

Your teen’s success

Online tools and ongoing support of supportive, non-judgmental coaches and community designed to maximize your teen’s success.

Teen-friendly food

Easy to prepare, affordable, delicious teen-friendly food and keto recipes.

Lifestyle education

Lifestyle education, coaching and guidance to help your teen sustain their success.

A personalized approach

We take a personalized approach to setting and achieving goals, building self-confidence & healthy habits.