Dr. Aliza Cicerone

Working with BioIntelligent Wellness has become one of the most invaluable tools that I can offer my patients. Even while approaching disease prevention and management from an integrative perspective, there are times when pharmaceuticals, supplement protocols and lifestyle modifications do not produce the desired results.

Long term patients of mine with gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and a variety of health conditions have all greatly benefited from Julianna’s expertise and holistic approach to nutrition and complimentary therapies.
The Ideal Protein program has supported me in decreasing and often discontinuing patient medication load, specifically in patients with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.

I often see dramatic results within the first 3-4 weeks on the program, with reductions in daily blood pressure and blood sugar readings, and patients reporting improved energy and a more positive outlook. Every one of my patients receives a customized plan that is tailored specifically to them, which sets them up for a protocol that ensures success.

The one-on-one weekly coaching visits keep patients engaged and accountable, and far exceeds what I am able to offer as a physician from a time perspective

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