Dr. Lisa Jukes, F.A.G.O.G.

As a gynecologist in the health-conscious city of Austin, Ideal Protein has become one of the most uplifting aspects of my practice. The protocol has enabled me to witness tangible improvements with my patients affected by Type II diabetes, hypertensive diseases and specifically for my practice, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). We find that patients with PCOS and infrequent periods will typically resume monthly cycles and may be able to stop certain medications taken for the treatment of this condition. Also, we found that our patients that followed through with the weight loss method showed significant improvements in self-confidence and energy levels. Our practice has accompanied entire families through the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method and watched them become healthier and more cohesive. Most importantly, the above-mentioned benefits are often achieved without a need for further medication.