Weight Watchers vs. Ideal Protein

Are you still looking for the right diet to help you lose weight or maintain your weight in check? We have all been in that situation.

Honestly, finding out which diet works for you and which one does not can be more challenging than the diet itself. Weight loss plans and diets are no longer what they used to be in the past (thank goodness). Thanks to the advancement of the science behind weight loss and unrestricted access to information, now you can select from the many options available.

All you have to do is a little bit of research in order to choose the right diet for you and your goals. In this post, we are going to talk about two popular weight loss diet plans that are worth considering—the Weight Watchers and the Ideal Protein. Let’s get started!

Weight Loss with Ideal Protein Diet (IP for short)

It is a scientifically developed weight loss program similar to the Keto diet. It involves the removal of carbohydrates from diet and reduction of calorie intake in order to lose weight quickly.

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, a medical practitioner, created Ideal Protein protocol over 25 years ago. He believes that the human body is never going to burn stored fat while you are still consuming sugar.

In essence, this weight loss program follows a similar philosophy as the popular Keto diet. The only exception is its adequate Protein and low-fat elements, which allow you to burn stored fat fast and maintain your metabolism. The process will enable you to continue to lose and not regain the weight.

How it works

Ideal Protein diet comprises three phases.

The weight loss phase or Ideal Protein diet Phase 1 is where you help stabilize the pancreas and the levels of sugar in the blood. This way, you can allow your body to burn stored fats instead of running on the sugar and carbs you eat.

This Keto diet based program is not only about helping you lose weight. It is also about helping you understand why you are gaining weight and how you can continue to maintain your losses.

Finally, you can get off a diet and live a healthy lifestyle once you achieve your weight loss goal.

The knowledge clients gain from the Ideal Protein experience helps them to lose weight quickly. Moreover, they can cultivate healthy habits going forward.

When you are on the Ideal Protein diet, you will be working one-on-one with a qualified professional. He/She will monitor your efforts and make sure you succeed.

The Ideal Protein program features strict food guidelines, but you can quickly lose weight. The best thing is that you will learn how to keep it off if you follow it correctly.

Weight Loss Diet Plan with Weight Watchers (WW for short)

It is one of the most successful weight loss programs around.

In the ‘60s, a group of health-conscious women started Weight Watchers (WW). They would meet once a week to discuss how best to lose weight. Since that time, Weight Watchers has gone mainstream.

Thanks to the endorsement of the program by celebrities and TV ads about clients’ success stories that helped it reach out to people.

Even after more than 50 years, WW still features weekly group sessions and private or online group meetings.

Weight Watchers makes use of a point-based system. It gives you the chance to make your own decisions regarding the foods you eat. Yes, you can eat whatever you want as long as it falls within your point allowance.

What are the differences between Ideal Protein and Weight Watchers?

Different Science: 

Ideal Protein is a ketogenic diet based weight loss plan that works on the fundamental philosophy of ketosis.

When we restrict carbohydrates from the menu, we force the body to burn the stored fat. The diet is also hypocaloric, so the body needs to make up the balance of energy needs by burning fat. The main goal of this diet plan is to lose fat rather than just weight loss. If you lose weight by losing muscle, you will regain the weight, and the regained weight is fat, not muscle.

Weight Watchers is also a hypocaloric diet, but this weight loss diet plan is not ketogenic. So, many enjoy it because they can still eat their carbs. Although, they don’t realize that while carbohydrates are available, the body will always choose to burn them first.

As a result, your body will be preserving fat for times of scarcity. Since WW is also hypocaloric, one would think that the body would burn fat quickly.

However, it’s the LAST thing the body will touch, and instead, the body will burn muscle. Thus, it will reduce your resting metabolic rate (RMR), which slows the rate of calories you burn, slowing losses and setting the stage for regain.

One Size Fits All: 

Another difference between the Ideal Protein ketogenic diet and the Weight Watcher program is that there is no custom-made weight loss diet plan in WW. Everyone follows the same approach.

With Ideal Protein, your dietary requirements are based on your lean mass. Lean mass is different for even two people of the same height and weight. Your coach will work with you to determine your specific requirements. He/She will also help you customize your protocol to your likes and lifestyle.

Lifestyle diet vs. Short Term Diet + Maintenance plan:

Weight Watchers is a lifestyle diet. There is no beginning or end to the meal plan. Instead, there is just a change in the amount you’re allowed to eat. For many, this lack of distinction means no end to the diet which actually ends up taking longer to hit the goal. Additionally, it ends up diluting many people’s focus because it turns into a marathon rather than a race.

Ideal Protein, on the other hand, has a clear beginning and an end. Once dieters reach their weight loss goal in Phase 1, they have a different diet and plan for Phase 2. The new schedule safely reintroduces carbohydrates and increases their calories.

On Ideal Protein Phase 3, the dieter enters a new phase. Firstly, here they learn to live a lifestyle without dieting. Secondly, they maintain to balance their weight by creating a lifestyle that allows for social life and daily life.

Rate of Losses:

When on Weight Watchers, many dieters need to learn to be patient about seeing results in the mirror. It is because the program may take some time before you start losing weight, which is visible.

This may be because those on Weight Watchers are losing muscle rather than the majority of weight loss coming from fat.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re losing weight, but no one seems to notice. That’s what happens when you lose muscle instead of fat.

It’s a well-known fact that a hypocaloric diet with carbohydrates will show weight loss on a scale. However, you won’t be able to see it the same way if you had lost the same amount of weight in mainly fat.

On Ideal Protein, the initial weight loss is a mix of water and fat. Although, after your first 6-8 pounds drop off, you’ll continue to see your body change and shrink every week. Why is that?

Because losing 5 pounds of muscle is about the spatial change of a softball. Whereas, losing 5 pounds of fat is the equivalent of 1.5 footballs. A significant difference, of course.


For many, the decision of whether you should go for the Weight Watchers program or the Ideal Protein weight loss diet plan depends on when you intend to get those pounds off. Do you want to lose it now or later? The choice is Yours.

If you are interested in learning more about Ideal Protein ketogenic diet’s quick weight loss plan? Schedule a complimentary consultation today to learn more about Ideal Protein Diet and how it can work for you.