12 Reasons to Choose Ideal Protein Protocol for Weight Loss

Why’s Ideal Protein different?

This is a question we hear often from our new clients. Given that new diets and weight loss programs are popping out every other day, this is a valid question. To be honest, we WANT you to ask this question. This gives us the opportunity to tell them exactly how Ideal Protein works, the science behind the incredible program and how it stands out.

But to make sure that everyone out there gets an idea of the difference Ideal Protein makes, we have put together undeniable 12 factors (out of many) that make Ideal Protein the champion.

1. Predictable Weight Loss

Starting a diet can be both difficult and exciting, right?

For many of our clients, making small changes in patterns and behavior is important. However, those small changes alone may not yield the measurable results necessary to keep them motivated. And, we see this challenge prevalent with clients who opt for a never-ending “balanced diet” caloric restriction.

The lure of “freedom” makes it more difficult to produce consistent results. This balanced diet approach makes weight loss less predictable and as a result – it’s harder to stay motivated.

These days, a lot of people come to us after trying the standard keto diet. They love the feeling of being in ketosis, but many struggle to reach their goals because as they are in ketosis, they’re not losing at a measurable or predictable weight.

Ideal Protein makes weight loss predictable and consistent. The diet contains enough protein to keep your metabolism stoked and is truly a fat loss diet, not just another weight loss diet.

2. The Protocol is Unique

There are a lot of DIY ketogenic diets out there today. The problem is that you may regain the weights you had lost successfully after you leave these diets.

Ideal Protein is a one-of-a-kind weight loss protocol that supports the burning of fat in the body, promoting rapid and lasting weight loss. This three-phase, medically developed approach, coupled with face-to-face coaching, will help you shed those pounds, and learn how not to regain the weight you have already lost.

3. It’s Perfect Whether You Have 10 Pounds to Lose or 100

Most people think having a lot of weight to lose is more challenging than only having 10 pounds to lose.

Believe it or not, our clients who have more weight to lose are more successful on the protocol because the weight loss is so quick, the progress is gratifying and consistent.

For those clients looking to lose 10 pounds, many have a more difficult obstacle to overcome. What’s worse is that you may reach your goal weight on the scale but you still aren’t able to fit in your favorite jeans or have cellulite, diminishing your feelings of success.

Ideal Protein offers consistent fat loss for all who follow the program properly even for those with medical conditions such as Type I or Type II diabetes, gout, PCOS, high cholesterol, and even high blood pressure.

4. Quality is Everything

If you are not dieting for the first time, the chances are that you know that a low-carb diet with the correct amount of protein is perfect for losing weight.

WARNING: All proteins are not equal. Ideal Protein has a high nutritional value and contains all nine essential amino acids. These amino acids include histidine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, isoleucine, leucine, tryptophan, and valine. Additionally, it comes in an “isolate” form, which is bioavailable, quickly absorbed, and assimilated by your body to preserve lean muscle mass and aid metabolism. Combined together, it helps you actualize your weight loss goals safely and efficiently!

5. There’s a Beginning and an End to the Diet

For many people, dieting becomes a lifestyle. While we advocate for lifestyle changes, a diet is meant to have a beginning and an end.

The act of dieting is essentially pulling a “fast one” on the body, convincing it to release its fat stores (survival mechanism). If we stay on a diet too long, the body catches on and can actually start storing fat in self-defense.

Psychologically, it’s hard to focus when there is no end, and that’s why a lot of our clients choose Ideal Protein for their weight loss journey.

For those with a history of dieting, a beginning and an end to their diet allows them to escape the roller-coaster cycle of dieting.

6. Reduces Carbohydrate and Accelerates Weight Loss

Carbs are what everybody talks about when it comes to losing weight these days, but here are some real cold facts.

The body obtains energy from 3 main reserves: protein, fats, and glycogen. It first depletes its glycogen reserves and then turns to protein before switching to the fat reserves to get energy. Since sugar (carbs) is the body’s most preferred choice, it won’t use any other source of energy if the sugar reserves are still available.

To force the body’s metabolism to start breaking down fats, it first needs to start breaking down protein to yield sugar. But the production of carbohydrates this way cannot be sustained for a long time. So, when there’s no other option, the body starts burning fats.

Restriction of carbohydrate metabolism is the central ideal behind Ideal Protein, and failure to stick to the protocol can stop ketosis and, consequently, fat loss. Your body will go back to sugar anytime it’s available, so you need to prevent that from occurring.

7. It Maintains Your Insulin Balance

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, the founder of Ideal Protein, states that insulin dysfunction is responsible for most weight gain we experience today.

A diet that is rich in sugars and saturated fats like cereals, cakes, pasta, etc., can make the pancreas produce too much insulin, which remains in the body system and puts the glucose levels in a negative balance. The production of too much insulin can also cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which can lead to cravings for sugar and, subsequently – Yes, weight gain.

Ideal Protein was developed keeping this issue in mind. Its unique science helps get your insulin level back on track so that you can achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

8. Weight Loss With Ideal Protein is Way Easier to Follow

Our protocol is suitable for people that are always on the go. Yes, it takes a little time to get the hang of it. But then again, with our simple-to-prepare food selection, you will not have to guess what foods you can or cannot consume.

You will undoubtedly lose weight and meet your goals sooner than you expect if you religiously follow the protocol.

9. Delicious Menu With a Variety of Options

There is nothing worse than starting a diet and then having the cravings strike. On a standard diet, people turn to low-calorie snacks that are packed with sugar. This may fit a caloric profile but can actually derail your success.

Thanks to Ideal Protein, it has plenty of foods and snacks to treat your cravings. There is no way you won’t love our Nacho Cheese Dorados, Vanilla Crispy Squares, and other great foods we have on our menu. Whether you like salty, savory, or sweet foods, we have your back with a wide range of delicious flavors that will keep you satisfied and prevent food fatigue.

The food variety and satiety are at the very core of our Ideal Protein weight loss protocol.

10. All the Supplements Your Body Requires

Most people don’t realize why we supplement or what supplements do. Supplements are the fuel for supporting the body’s many essential functions (hormonal activities, enzyme production, repairing damages done to body, and more).

We accompany the protocol with various nutrient-dense supplements to replace the micronutrients present in most of the foods restricted in Phase 1 of the protocol, e.g., dairy and fruits.

The Ideal Protein Cal-Mag, Potassium, and Multi-Vitamin give your body system the necessary support. Ideal Protein also recognizes the importance of other micronutrient support and also has a line of digestive enzymes, BCAA’s, and even probiotics.

11. Support & Motivation

You can anticipate our support and encouragement as you move through each phase of the weight loss protocol. We will be with you when this process is going on and guide you through all the steps to make sure you achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time.

Also, we know you’re on a diet seven days a week, so your coach will support you through weekly appointments and electronically over text and email in between.

12. Right Education to Maintain Your Weight

Many clients worry about what is going to occur after they have achieved their weight loss goals, and we understand their fears. Our scientifically developed, three-phase approach teaches you how to maintain your new desired weight and keep the lost pounds from returning. And through constant coaching and the introduction of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats back into the mix, you will be reaching your weight loss goals in no time and sustaining them for a lifetime.


All these amazing benefits of Ideal Protein are the reason it is popular day by day. Moreover, even doctors and physicians are now recognizing Ideal Protein as a non-medical tool to treat various health problems such as PCOS, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, etc.

Interested in learning more about Ideal Protein or how it can help you achieve the goal? Schedule a complimentary consultation today and get insight from our coaches.

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