Weight Loss

Weight Loss Program

Whether you would like to lose cellulite, 10 pounds or over 100 pounds, Ideal Protein shows you how to lose weight quickly and keep it off. During the weight loss phase, this program focuses on a ketogenic diet that restricts carbohydrates to force the body to burn stored fat.


No hunger

While in ketosis, your body has unlimited access to your fat stores, so your hunger alarm is silenced.

Lose fat not muscle

Low carb, adequate protein and low-fat diet allows you to burn stored fat first and maintain your metabolism.

Consistent Support

Our coaches will be by your side during weekly in person or virtual visits and in between with electronic coaching.

We teach you to maintain

This is a 3-phase diet, where you lose quickly, stabilize your weight loss and then we show you how to live off a diet.


Whether you are down the street or across the country, our in-person or online formats offer you flexibility and time efficiency.

Predictable, rapid weight loss

Our clients lose up to 3–7 pounds per week without strenuous exercise.