A Formula for Effective Weight Loss

Although the keto diet formula has become more popular in the past few years, the exact nature of Keto weight loss has remained unclear. So, what does keto mean? Keto is short for ketosis, a metabolic state in which the body starts burning fat, instead of carbohydrates, for energy. Since the intake of sugar and carbs is limited, the body begins to use its stored fat to produce energy. Here are the very basics of a keto diet:

  • Cutting the consumption of sugars and carbs.
  • Your body slips into ketosis, a state in which it burns fat for energy. 
  • You will lose weight as you deplete the stored fat cells.

If you intend to lose weight with a keto weight loss program successfully… that is, lose weight and keep off the weight you have already lost; a DIY ketogenic diet online or found in magazines may not be the right choice for you. Keto diets are useful and support the science of losing weight. The problem with a DIY approach is that you may not learn how the human body responds to carbs, fat, and insulin storage. Skipping this step, coupled with not having a clear plan for reintroducing the carbohydrates into your diet will make you regain and, worse, dysregulate your pancreas.

The traditional Keto diet – hard but straightforward!

For most people, losing weight is difficult, but it is not because it’s scientifically complicated. It isn’t easy because the human body’s primary concern is survival. After all, it is programmed to store fat, not lose it. So, to lose weight effectively, the body needs to follow a simple science-based formula allowing it to bypass the starvation alarm and break down its fat.

The weight loss formula is the ketogenic diet, and there are two types:

1. Low Calorie – Weight loss

While both types of keto diets limit carb and sugar intake, the lower calorie ketogenic diet also reduces the amount of fat. This type of keto diet speeds up fat loss and is more appropriate for losing weight quickly. Answer this: between the two keto diet types, with one allowing more calorie consumption than the other, which do you believe would be better suited for fast weight loss? Of course, the one with lower calories. Reducing fats also lowers your total calorie intake, making you lose weight more quickly.

This type of the Keto diet, the short-term reduction in carbohydrates, sugars, and fats, is the main idea behind the Ideal Protein Protocol. Ideal Protein is a scientifically-developed, phase-by-phase ketogenic diet for losing weight. By temporarily limiting the intake of fat, those on the Ideal Protein diet burn through their fat stores more quickly, resulting in safe, sustainable weight loss. Since the Ideal Protein Protocol is a ketogenic diet that focuses on weight loss and weight management, it may be the most reliable entry point in losing weight with a healthy low-carb plan then transitioning to a maintenance lifestyle, reintroducing carbohydrates. 

The Ideal Protein Protocol is not just a supervised keto weight loss program. We also coach dieters on how to create and maintain a healthy relationship with food once they are out of ketosis. This education makes it easier for them to maintain their new weight since they cannot stay in the ketosis state forever.

2. Higher Calorie – Therapeutic

Many supporters now do recommend this high-calorie version of the ketogenic diet for weight loss. However, it first became popular as a treatment plan for youth and childhood epilepsy. As far back as the ’20s, health experts began recommending high-fat ketogenic diets for treating hard-to-control seizure disorders. But for those using the diet to lose weight, this approach includes a high level of fat. It increases daily caloric consumption, which means slower weight loss. So, the higher calorie count is why this keto diet is considered a slower model for weight loss and why the Ideal Protein Protocol is a better formula for losing weight quickly.

If it’s not ketosis, it’s not Ketogenic.

The increase in the number of keto diet “experts” has made the understanding of “what exactly is a keto diet” blurry. Many of these experts recommend different keto diet and lifestyle versions, claiming that they can be suited for everyone. However, in most cases, they are only recommending low carbohydrate lifestyle programs, which are neither good for weight loss nor ketogenic. 

Note: we are not saying that a low-carb lifestyle is no good. But if you aim to lose weight, you should only change your eating lifestyle after reaching your weight loss goals.

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