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Why Guess Your Metabolism When You Can Test?

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Metabolism Testing

There’s no such thing as “average” when it comes to your metabolism… So why guess when you can test? Accurate assessment and interpretation of your RMR helps you and your health and wellness team to better plan and achieve your health and fitness goals.

What is Resting Metabolic Rate Testing (RMR)?

FDA-approved testing that measures your unique personal daily caloric requirements and determines the daily number of calories you need to lose, maintain or gain weight and support athletic performance. Your RMR is the minimum number of calories your body needs to keep you alive and support basic life functions (i.e., the brain, liver, kidneys).

Why Test?

Scientific studies show that even people of similar height, weight, age, and body composition can have very different metabolic rates. Even the most “accurate” estimations can vary by up to 40%. Metabolism Testing shows you how to properly feed YOUR body in a way that achieves your composition goals, conquers plateaus and improves your health without sacrificing energy or training intensity.

Weight Loss

Individuals who struggle with their weight often have a metabolic rate that is atypical (either fast or slow), which makes estimating calorie needs for weight loss practically impossible. Most overweight people have been convinced they have a slow metabolism when the truth is, statistically, most overweight and obese people have average or higher than average metabolic rates. Knowing your metabolic rate and target zones will prevent you from eating TOO LITTLE while dieting, which causes your body to store fat rather than lose extra pounds.

Stabilizing Weight Loss

It is a depressing statistic: 95 percent of people who lose weight regain it — and sometimes more — within a few months or years. We believe RMR testing is essential to successful maintenance after weight loss. Metabolism testing gives you real, customized data to create a scientifically-based, lifestyle plan. Depending on the method used to lose weight (especially in the case of ketogenic diets, low calorie or nutrient dieting and bariatric surgery), resting metabolism can be dramatically altered. Many people regain weight after loss because they are afraid to or simply don’t know how to safely increase their calories to stabilize weight loss and prevent regaining.


Professional athletes use RMR testing to ensure they are eating enough calories each day to perform at their best. Due to variations in muscle mass, athletes’ metabolic rates are often far from average. These variations can cause difficulty with weight loss or inadequate refueling during and post-workouts. Metabolic testing allows athletes to maximize their workouts, decrease fatigue and burn more fat.
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