Free Ketogenic Weight Loss Seminar

BioIntelligent Wellness invites you to attend an introduction to Ideal Protein.
Our workshops are interactive and include a complimentary Body Composition
Analysis (BCA) and product tasting!
Workshops are free, but registration is required. Feel free to bring a friend!
In 45 minutes you will learn:
* Why traditional weight loss methods typically fail
* Why eating less and exercising more may not be working for you
* Why the true measure of success is burning fat and sparing muscle
* How our bodies make fat, and how to unleash fat as a store of energy
* How you can lose fat and regain your health quickly and naturally
* How to lose weight effectively*, have more energy, reshape your body,
reduce cellulite and enjoy a healthier lifestyle
* How weight loss can reduce your need for prescription drugs for high
blood pressure, cholesterol, Gout, PCOS and diabetes