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Understanding SIBO: Its Symptoms and Causes

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a complex gastrointestinal disorder that occurs when there is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine. Unlike the large intestine, which is rich in bacteria, the small intestine usually has fewer bacteria. However, in SIBO, the bacterial balance is disrupted, leading to an overgrowth.

This overgrowth can interfere with our normal digestion and food absorption and can damage the lining of the small intestine. This damage can cause a range of symptoms and health problems.

Possible Symptoms

The symptoms of SIBO can vary significantly among individuals but often include
Some people may also experience more systemic symptoms like

Potential Causes

The causes of SIBO are diverse and there are various factors that can contribute to the development of SIBO. It can include,
Understanding SIBO is the first step toward effective treatment. At BioIntelligent Wellness, we believe in a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating SIBO, taking into account each individual's unique health history and lifestyle.
Our goal is to treat SIBO and address the underlying causes and contributing factors, helping you restore your GI health and improve your overall wellbeing.

Diagnosing SIBO

Accurate diagnosis is critical in effectively treating Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). However, diagnosing SIBO can be challenging due to the overlap of symptoms with other digestive disorders, most notably IBS.

At BioIntelligent Wellness, we use advanced testing methods, including breath tests and comprehensive stool analysis, to accurately diagnose SIBO and lower GI overgrowth.

Breath tests are non-invasive tests that measure the gases that bacteria in the small intestine produce. These gases, including hydrogen and methane, are exhaled and can be measured in the breath. By analyzing these gases, we can identify the presence of bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine.

Comprehensive stool analysis provides further insights into the overall health of the gut. It can reveal necessary information about the balance of bacteria in the lower gastrointestinal tract, the presence of any pathogenic bacteria, yeast, or parasites, and the overall health of the digestive system.

These diagnostic methods ensure that SIBO is correctly identified and differentiated from other conditions, such as IBS. This approach allows us to develop a targeted and effective treatment plan, addressing the symptoms' root cause and helping restore gut health.

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is a common gastrointestinal disorder that is characterized by symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, and altered bowel habits, which are also common in SIBO.  This overlap of symptoms has led to frequent misdiagnosis of SIBO as IBS.  Research suggests that a significant percentage of individuals diagnosed with IBS may actually have SIBO. This misdiagnosis can lead to ineffective treatment and ongoing discomfort for patients.

Our Approach to SIBO Treatment

Our SIBO treatment protocol is comprehensive and personalized, focusing on reducing the overgrowth of bacteria, alleviating symptoms, restoring gut balance, and preventing recurrence.

The treatment typically involves:

Phase I: Treatment

This involves a combination of dietary modifications and antimicrobial therapy with antibiotics, botanicals, or both.

Phase II: Restricted Diet

We provide specific dietary plans for each stage of treatment, focusing on foods that support gut health and do not feed the overgrowth.

Phase III: Initial Repopulation and Lower GI Testing

In this phase, we focus on repopulating the gut with beneficial bacteria and conducting further testing to assess the lower gastrointestinal tract.

Phase IV: Treating Lower GI and Transition to Maintenance Diet

The final phase involves treating any issues identified in the lower GI and transitioning to a maintenance diet to support long-term gut health.

While SIBO treatment can benefit many individuals, consulting with our wellness experts is crucial to determine the right approach for your specific health needs. Furthermore, if you have been treated for SIBO in the past but are still experiencing symptoms, our program could be a good option for you. 

At BioIntelligent Wellness, our providers have been treating SIBO for a decade and have over 80% successful treatment with only one round.

Our comprehensive and personalized approach ensures that we address the symptoms and underlying causes of SIBO, providing you with long-term relief and improved gut health.

How Do You Find Out If You Have SIBO?

To help you assess whether you might be experiencing SIBO, ask yourself the following questions:

Did you answer 'YES' to several of these questions? You could be dealing with SIBO and should consider getting help.

Get Started with SIBO Treatment

At BioIntelligent Wellness, we understand that each individual's journey with SIBO is unique. Depending on your current situation, there are several ways to get started with our SIBO treatment program:

Already Working with a Healthcare Expert:

If you are already working with a healthcare provider and have received your test results and treatment plan, you can start with our SIBO treatment immediately. We're happy to work in conjunction with your provider to support the dietary component of your treatment.

If You Have Already Tested Positive for SIBO:

You can also begin treatment immediately. Your provider will review your test results and work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

If You Have Not Yet Been Tested for SIBO:

We recommend testing to ensure that your symptoms are indeed due to SIBO. Your provider will order testing immediately following your visit, and the laboratory will send a kit to your home. The breath test is completed in-home following a 1-day preparation diet. Once completed, you will ship it to the lab. Results are typically available within 1-2 weeks. Once your results return, you will meet with your physician to create a personalized treatment plan, and you can begin the SIBO treatment shortly after the consultation.

We have providers who can provide complete SIBO treatment, and we're also happy to work with your existing provider to support the dietary component of the treatment. Our goal is to make your journey to better gut health as smooth and effective as possible.

Costs and Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

SIBO Treatment FAQs

Do I need to do both the medical and dietary treatment with you for SIBO?

Our comprehensive approach to SIBO treatment typically involves both medical and dietary interventions. This is because the overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine needs to be addressed directly through medical treatment, while dietary changes can help prevent feeding the bacteria and exacerbating symptoms. However, we support the dietary component of SIBO treatment for many other medical practices and can provide dietary support alone or offer both the medical and dietary treatment. Our practice does not offer medical treatment without having patients also following the nutritional treatment plan.

 We recommend scheduling a consultation with us to discuss your specific situation and needs. We’re here to support you in your journey to better gut health, whether that involves one or both aspects of our treatment program.

What should I do if I think I have SIBO?

If you think you have SIBO, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our wellness experts. They can discuss your symptoms, arrange for a SIBO breath test if necessary, and guide you on the next steps.

Can the SIBO treatment help with weight loss?

While the primary goal of the SIBO treatment is to restore gut health, it can also aid in weight loss. By improving nutrient absorption and gut function, it can support overall health and weight management.

Can children undergo SIBO treatment?

Yes, children can undergo SIBO treatment. However, the treatment approach may be adjusted to suit their specific needs and circumstances.

Can I do the SIBO treatment if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you may begin the dietary protocol but for treatment, you will need to wait until after delivery or weaning. It’s important to discuss this with our wellness experts as some aspects of the SIBO treatment may not be suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Can the SIBO treatment help with other digestive issues?

Yes, the SIBO treatment can also help with other digestive issues. By restoring the balance of bacteria in the small intestine, it can improve overall gut health and alleviate various digestive symptoms.

What happens if my symptoms don’t improve after the SIBO treatment?

If your symptoms don’t improve after the SIBO treatment, our wellness experts will work with you to explore other potential causes of your symptoms and adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

How soon can I expect to see improvements in my symptoms after starting the SIBO treatment?

Many individuals start to see improvements in their symptoms within a few weeks of starting the SIBO treatment. However, it can take longer for some people, and the full benefits are usually seen after the completion of Phase II of the treatment program.

Can SIBO be the cause of my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

Yes, SIBO can be a potential cause of IBS. Many individuals with IBS have been found to have SIBO. Treating the SIBO can often lead to significant improvements in IBS symptoms.

What support will I receive during the SIBO treatment program?

You will receive comprehensive support during the SIBO treatment program. This includes regular check-ins, personalized dietary and treatment advice, electronic support while on the protocol, and ongoing support to help you manage your symptoms and maintain your gut health.

Is the SIBO treatment covered by insurance?

We do not accept insurance for our services; however, SIBO and other testing may be covered. Coverage for SIBO treatment can vary depending on your insurance plan. We recommend checking with your insurance provider for details.

How can I schedule a consultation for the SIBO treatment program?

You can schedule a consultation by providing us with your name and contact information. One of our wellness experts will then get in touch with you to arrange the appointment. You can also schedule via our online booking system.

Can I continue my current medications while undergoing SIBO treatment?

It depends on the specific medications you are taking. Some medications may interfere with the treatment, so it’s important to discuss this with our wellness experts.

What is the cost of the SIBO treatment program?

The cost of the SIBO treatment program can vary depending on the specific treatment plan and the duration of the program. We recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss the details.

Can SIBO recur after treatment?

Yes, SIBO can recur after treatment. That’s why our program focuses not only on treating the current overgrowth but also on implementing strategies to prevent recurrence.

How successful is the SIBO treatment program at BioIntelligent Wellness?

Our SIBO treatment program has been successful in helping many individuals alleviate their symptoms and restore their gut health. We have worked with thousands of patients on resolving SIBO symptoms for over a decade and we provide personalized treatment plans and ongoing support to ensure the best possible outcomes.

What dietary changes are recommended as part of the SIBO treatment?

Dietary changes are an integral part of SIBO treatment and there will be a different dietary approach and guidelines for each of the 4 stages.

How long does the SIBO treatment typically take?

The duration of the SIBO treatment can vary depending on the severity of the condition and the individual’s response to the treatment. It typically involves a few weeks of antimicrobial treatment followed by a gut healing protocol. The total program duration typically spans 12 weeks.

What does the SIBO treatment program at BioIntelligent Wellness involve?

Our SIBO treatment program involves a combination of dietary modifications, antimicrobial therapy with antibiotics or botanicals, and personalized gut healing protocols. The goal is to reduce the overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, alleviate symptoms, restore gut balance, and prevent recurrence.

Why is treating SIBO important?

Treating SIBO is crucial as it can lead to malabsorption of nutrients, causing various symptoms like bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, and even weight loss or weight gain. If left untreated, it can lead to more serious health complications.

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Taking the first step toward better gut health can feel daunting. That's why we offer a complimentary consultation with an experienced SIBO coach as a starting point. During this consultation, we'll discuss your symptoms, health history, and any previous treatments or tests you've undergone. This information will help us determine the appropriate next steps for your unique situation.

We recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss your specific situation and needs. We're here to support you in your journey to better gut health, whether that involves one or both aspects of our treatment program.

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