10 reasons why BioIntelligent Wellness offers electronic coaching support to our clients on Ideal Protein

1. Our dieters do not have to wait to ask a question

The impact of a decision one can have on the results of a diet, be it a good decision or bad, is enormous and especially in the case of being on a ketogenic diet, like Ideal Protein. Our coaches make sure you don’t have to wait until your weekly coaching visit to ask a question by supporting you electronically between visits on the Ideal Protein diet program.

2. Builds a relationship with your coach

We are grateful for the trust our clients place in us.

We know that it isn’t easy to share the challenges and emotions that come along with our weight gain or loss. Thus, we believe that these feelings are likely some of the most intimate details our dieters will share with anyone.

Just like any other relationship, it takes time to get to know someone and establish that trust and deep understanding.

Our coaches are intent on building relationships with our clients but that is difficult to accomplish in a 20 to 30-minute visit once a week, and we realize that.

Having the ability to work with your coach when you need the support increases the likelihood you will reach out to them. It also allows you and your coach to work as a team. Additionally, you get to know one another outside of a result and planning focus that occurs within your weekly coaching visit.

3. Navigate unexpected situations

During your weekly visits, your coach will work with you to establish a plan for the coming week.

Unfortunately, life can be predictably unpredictable, and we realize unexpected situations come up.

One of the most critical skills our clients develop while on a weight loss diet plan is adaptation. They learn to successfully navigate real-life, prioritizing, and adjusting their plans while sticking to their program.

Unexpected situations may include last-minute business or social dinner plans, food on your planned grocery list being not available, or merely needing your coach to help you interpret a label. We are grateful for the advice given on social media support groups and web pages. However, it is not always accurate.

Learning to make adjustments along the way is a key to long-term success in both losing weight on the Ideal Protein diet program and keeping it off in maintenance.

4. Damage control without waiting

Let’s face it, life happens, and often that can result in a diet slip-up – whether it’s intentional or not.

One of the biggest challenges a dieter can face is the snowball effect of an indiscretion. Immediate intervention is fundamental to long-term success. It is also one of the most vital skills you will learn in Ideal Protein’s maintenance protocol.

At BioIntelligent Wellness, we like to start to establish this skill early on.

Our dieters on the Ideal Protein diet program use their electronic support between coaching visits to learn how to stop the damage without letting an entire week go by waiting for our next coaching visit.

We know there is not only a financial value to your time but a psychological cost of deviation and defeat. This is especially essential for those dieters who are impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic situation and are reluctant to step outside frequently. The electronic support is an integral part of our virtual coaching program to help dieters stick to Ideal Protein program.    

5. Morale boost when you need it

On the topic of life happens, life does happen. As humans, we naturally respond to the ups and downs of the internal and external factors in our lives.

One day we wake up feeling optimistic, committed, and empowered, and then something happens.

It can be a less than ideal weigh-in, not getting a promotion you’ve worked for, or maybe not reaching a goal you have set. These scenarios can effectively set us up for sabotage. But then again, it also allows us to learn to respond and adjust to the ebb and flow of life without completely derailing us. This especially applies to those of us who turn to food to manage life’s ups and downs.

Having a connected relationship with your coach will allow you to check-in when you need that morale boost the most.

6. Inspiration between visits

You may get stuck in a food rut and need a fresh Ideal Protein recipe idea or are close to a goal and need to break a plateau. Whatever the case, our Ideal Protein diet program coaches use electronic coaching to provide inspiration between weekly coaching visits.

7. We focus on learning, not selling food

Education is one of the most important tenants of our approach to weight loss diet plans. We believe that it is even more critical for clients on the Ideal Protein diet.

There are many weight loss programs out there that focus on selling food. These programs may yield results while eating their meals. However, they do little to focus on dietary education and long-term modification of our habits and lifestyles.

Even with Ideal Protein, we have dieters that transfer to our program, sharing stories of their previous clinics focus on selling food, and skipping the education.

Our coaches take advantage of your focus and dedication during the weight loss phase to provide you valuable knowledge. Moreover, we integrate this learning into both our dieter’s weekly coaching visits and their electronic support between visits. 

8. Behavior change comes in life, not just during a session.

If we could all live in a bubble, life would be easy, but it wouldn’t be life.

Research suggests that personal behaviors cause more than 50% of illnesses, including obesity. 

Successful management of chronic conditions benefits people as it improves their health status and their well-being. We are educators who focus on health promotion and behavior change, not just weight loss.

Our coaches work with clients between sessions to help initiate and maintain healthy behavior changes. These include activity and exercise, stress management strategies, and of course, proper nutrition.

A 20-minute coaching visit alone doesn’t provide the time for everything. That’s where the electronic support and educational videos become invaluable to our clients, especially those on the online Ideal Protein diet.

9. Coaching vs. judging

Dieters who get support both within weekly visits and over electronic coaching, develop a closer relationship with their coach. It allows both the coach and dieter to form a foundation of supportive coaching rather than approaching a weekly coaching visit as a time of “judgment.”

For many who struggle with their weight, there is enough negative self-talk and judgment that occurs. Hence, the last thing that person needs to feel is someone else is judging them.

By creating a relationship and having the ability to reach out when you need to, electronic support can work to eliminate the feelings of being judged by your coach. More importantly, it helps you to identify and work through the moments where your self-judgment can derail your success.

10. Results

Our client’s results speak to the value of BioIntelligent Wellness’s additional electronic support. Small missteps can lengthen the time on a diet plan, and often, one minor adjustment to the weight loss plan can yield dramatically different results. The dieters who choose to work with us can maximize their results in all phases – weight loss, stabilization, and maintenance. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the difference our electronic coaching support can make in your success on the Ideal Protein diet or any of our other programs, schedule a complimentary Ideal Protein consultation today. Our new dieter weight loss specials make it easy to see this difference for yourself. 

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