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Continuing Ideal Protein Diet Program With Virtual Ideal Protein Coaching

Thinking of Taking an Ideal Protein Diet Break During COVID-19? You Will Want to Read This First

– By Debb Beymer, Head Ideal Protein Coach at BioIntelligent Wellness

Is it a good idea to go off your Ideal Protein diet program during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Some dieters attribute their thoughts of taking a break are due to stress, their clinics being closed, or even for financial reasons. No matter what the reason may be, we are never going to recommend that you ditch the protocol entirely without at least transitioning.

However, we understand you may need or want to do so because of circumstances beyond your control. So, we are willing to do everything we can to make sure you succeed with the Ideal Protein weight loss program.

Do you really have to take a break?

This is the first decision you’ll need to contend with and to what degree.

During this time, we have many dieters reaching out to us, asking for help. It is because their local Ideal Protein clinic is closed due to Coronavirus.

The coronavirus outbreak has impacted many Ideal Protein clinics. They were not set up to support distance or virtual dieters.

At BioIntelligent Wellness clinic – Carlsbad, our weight loss and nutrition coaches have over a decade of experience in offering virtual Ideal Protein coaching. We have been working with dieters across the country without them ever needing to come into the office.

This program has been great for those who don’t have a local clinic, or they’ve relocated away from our Solana Beach or Carlsbad clinic locations. Despite this, they wanted to continue working with their coach through virtual Ideal Protein coaching.

We are continuing to support our dieters during this time and we are here to support every other Ideal Protein clinics’ dieters during this time.

No matter which phase you are on, we can help you with Ideal Protein foods. That is if you are still able to work with your coach or both food and Ideal Protein virtual coaching. We are waiving all Ideal Protein diet program start fees. Moreover, we are offering 50% off the first week of food to new dieters working with our center. We will ship food internationally and will also deliver food to dieters in San Diego.

If you feel like taking a short break from the diet is unavoidable, then consider the six tips below to guide you:


Planning is essential when thinking of taking a diet break. If this is short-term, you should create a planned timeline. Resume the program on a particular date to prevent yourself from experiencing a significant setback.

Planning is your key.

Even if your clinic is closed now, it probably won’t be in a couple of weeks. Rather than stopping the diet indefinitely, you can press pause and work with your coach (or ours). Together, create a planned break and schedule a follow-up check-in to re-evaluate your diet break.

Remember, for many, being on Ideal Protein weight loss actually costs them less than not being on a diet. This is especially the case at times like this where tensions are high, and vices creep back into people’s minds.

Speak to Your Diet Coach

Communication is probably one of the most important considerations when considering taking a diet break from Ideal Protein.

After deciding to take a break from diet, the first person you should call is your Ideal Protein coach.

Our trained and certified coaches can give you proper guidance and transition you based on your timeline. Our coaches are skilled at creating transition plans. The plans focus on stabilizing the weight you’ve lost, and it helps you reintroduce the carbs without regaining weight.

Since Phase 3 of Ideal Protein weight loss doesn’t require dieters to purchase foods, that may be the best plan for you.

You will still be able to continue working with your coach. Also, You can keep learning how to navigate a real food environment especially in this climate where tensions are high. When you are ready to return to the Ideal Protein Phase 1 program, you can schedule a restart appointment (at no charge if due to Coronavirus). You can re-evaluate your weight loss goals and plan for any logistical considerations.

Set a Trigger Weight

Have a plan.

If you are not willing to undo all the hard work you have done, your trigger weight number should be around 5 or 10 pounds (not 20 or more).

When on a diet break, try and stay in touch with your coach. Make sure your coach is the first person you call when you are approaching or exceeding the trigger weight. If you’re not ready to resume the program at that point, you can focus on strategies to stabilize your weight.

We’ve seen that many times our clients can edge away from the trigger weight by creating a little structure with their maintenance plan.


Moderation is the key to maintenance.

The beauty of maintenance on the Ideal Protein diet is that your free day offers you a day where you don’t have to worry about anything.

Just having 5 days of structure and 1 day of whole food damage control usually helps people find a natural equilibrium and moderate. There are basic rules for your day-to-day lifestyle that will help you prevent unintentional regain.

For example, it is not bad to have a glass of wine with a healthy meal. However, it is bad to have two or more alcoholic drinks with a meal rich in carbohydrates and fats. If you followed the transition, you probably know that already.

If you skipped the transition, reach back out to your coach. They will help you set up a maintenance plan where you can eat and drink in moderation and create a plan to adapt to the temptations of life.

The philosophy is that nothing is entirely off-limits and learning to enjoy everything in moderation.

Keep Journaling

Don’t stop the momentum. Your IP journal is not just a place where you write down the foods you eat. It is also where you should write down your thoughts, struggles, and feelings.

Even when you are off diet, work with your coach. It is helpful to figure out which app may be the easiest to continue to journal in.

You may select or as they offer many options that are simple to use and will allow you to record anything you eat in the journal. Doing this can help you to quickly identify the foods and decisions that make you gain weight.

Meal Replacements

Being on a diet break does not mean you should avoid using Ideal Protein foods as meal replacements or as healthy treats.

These foods help bring balance to your diet.

It provides you with highly absorbable nutrients and helps deal with uncomfortable hunger moments. I prefer to take one along with me everywhere I go as an emergency snack. Usually, I include one in my daily diet as a snack or “treat.” My go-to favorites are the Vanilla Crispy Squares and the Ideal Protein Peanut Butter Bars.


To recap, if you are considering taking a diet break, I encourage you to speak with your coach. Or maybe schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Ideal Protein coaches. They will assist you in figuring out how to navigate these unusual times and determine the best plan for you.

If, after all, you decide to take a diet break, call your coach when you are ready to get back on track. We can’t wait to hear about your victories and the mistakes you made along the line. We can work together at BioIntelligent Wellness to create a fail-proof strategy that puts you back on track to your weight-loss goal.

Are you interested in learning more about BioIntelligent Wellness and how we can support you on Ideal Protein? Visit our Virtual Ideal Protein Coaching page or Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with us today.

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