Ideal Protein versus Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers

In this post, I would like to cover four things:

  1. Why Ideal Protein protocol is better than Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Nutrisystem.
  2. My personal experience with Ideal Protein.
  3. The cost comparison of Ideal Protein against the other diets.
  4. Why education is key to keeping the weight off.

Our bodies use three tanks of fuel to produce energy: Glucose, Fats, and Muscle. Glucose is the most preferred choice. When the Glucose tank is empty, the body switches to the Muscle tank and then the Fat tank for energy production. The problem while following most weight loss and diet programs is, the body is unable to recognize that we want to deplete our Fat tank while keeping the Muscle tank untouched. The body draws from each of these fuel tanks at the same rate.

So, when on weight loss diets such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem, where you are just lowering the number of calories you take, your body muscle and fat will be shrinking at the same rate. And this isn’t good for two reasons:

You lose essential muscle mass that drives your body’s metabolism.
You don’t become lean as fast as you would when on a fat-targeting diet. It’s simply because muscle does not take up as much space as fat.

What’s worse, if you gain back what’s lost on one of these diets, you typically gain it back as fat!

If you have lost weight and then regain it, you may have realized that your clothes are a little tighter. Yes or No? Also, if you lose that weight once more, you may never be able to put on that favorite pants of yours again, even if you shed a good amount of weight on the scale. Do you know why? This same weight but broader size phenomenon exists because the regained weight was FAT (rather than the combination of fat and muscle that you had lost), which is denser and, therefore, takes up more space than muscle.

Ideal Protein protocol is different from a “low-fat diet,” such as Jenny Craig, WW, or Nutrisystem, which will make us lose an equal proportion of lean muscle mass and fat or a regular ‘Balanced Diet’ that lets us keep our present weight. It suggests a short-term “unbalanced diet,” which provides our body with the protein needed to protect muscle, ensuring that fat burns for energy production and weight loss. This way, you become leaner more quickly!

My personal experience with Ideal Protein.

Not long ago, I reached a 55-pound weight loss milestone on Ideal Protein. I previously thought I needed to lose 15 more pounds to put on my “favorite pants”. One day, I decided to try them on, and to my surprise, they FIT perfectly. The reason is that I had been losing only fat, so I’m decreasing in sizes more quickly than I would have by dropping the same amount of weight on Jenny Craig, WW, or Nutrisystem.

All these diets are nothing new to me. Before finding Ideal Protein, I  have followed and lost weight on all the diets mentioned above, but I must admit, it wasn’t easy. Between constantly thinking about food, and packing my schedule with exercise, I barely had time for anything else.

But unlike others, the Ideal Protein Weight loss protocol does not come with any strenuous exercise regimen. Note — we are not telling you not to exercise and turn into a couch potato. We are saying that you won’t have to kill yourself with rigorous exercises to lose weight.

Lastly, we studied various weight loss protocols, the cost of the diet, and the time it takes to achieve weight loss. As shown in the table below, Ideal Protein is the cheapest diet protocol you can opt for.

Weight Loss programs Comparison - Why Ideal Protein Protocol is Better than Most Low-Fat Diets - Ideal Pro - Weight Loss with Ideal protein - the best Fat Loss Diet option

Invaluable Education

The beauty of Ideal Protein’s protocol is that it is scientifically designed, and all of the coaches receive training that focuses both on the science of losing weight and behavior changes to achieve and maintain the weight loss. I can feel that things are different for me this time. Working with my coach I was able to learn the underlying mechanisms that allowed me to lose weight and the real lifestyle changes essential for my maintenance. Believe it or not, having one day of freedom every week and the tools for damage control make it effortless to maintain my results.

Contrast this with my experience with the others:

  • Weight Watchers is run by other lifetime dieters who are successful dieters that maintain their weight by dieting. My goal was different, I was done dieting and living on a diet.
  • Jenny Craig and NutriSystem were the same but different. I didn’t have the meetings or coaching for support but had the help cooking by eating the ready to eat meals. While it was easy and convenient, as soon as I would stop receiving my deliveries, I was back to my old habits and the scale would creep back up twice as quickly as it went down. So frustrating!!!

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