What to do when you’ve gained back all the weight you worked so hard to lose

At our Ideal Protein Clinic located in San Diego, CA, we often encounter dieters who had followed at least one weight-loss method before and achieved their desired goal too. However, over the course of time, they failed to maintain that weight and eventually gained it back. Studies indicate that most of the people who lose weight regain it within a couple of years. Health experts agree that this is the best next step to take…

When the number on the scale is climbing up again, the best thing to do is to take paper and pen, your wellness application, or digital fitness device of your choice – and start logging.

It would be best to evaluate how things may have changed from when you were trying to lose weight. Starting from your exercise and nutrition habits to sleep and stress levels.

Tracking is usually a tool to shed weight. However, it can also help figure out how your habits and lifestyle may have caused you to regain the weight. Until you can determine the actual causes, it’s impossible to solve the problem truly. For instance, if your weight regains is due to an increase in stress levels, doing more high-intensity exercise won’t address the root cause of the issue. Then, what will? Understanding and trying out the stress-management techniques.

At our Ideal Protein Clinic in San Diego, CA, you will lose most of the weight with the Ideal Protein phase 1 followed by the stabilization and maintenance phase. Our coaches will thoroughly guide you with all the needed lifestyle education and motivation to achieve your weight loss goals as well as maintain it.

What might be standing in your way?

Weight loss is a continuous process. If you decide to go off your diet without transition once you reach your weight loss goal, then the weight you’ve lost will come back. By definition, diets are temporary solutions. Thus, unless you transition to a lifestyle plan for maintenance, they are guaranteed to fail at some point in time. If you can’t continue to do something forever, whether it is an exercise plan or a diet, it is a setup for failure.

It’s sad to say that if you had initially lost the pounds through a highly restrictive diet or an intense training regimen, you are likely to gain some (if not all) weight back. Ultimately, your motivation to adhere to those practices will falter. You will become tired of your diet plan. Eventually, you will no longer have the time to commit to your workouts like you once did. Once patients achieve their weight loss goal, they tend to give up their healthy habits! Rather, they start returning to foods they had previously avoided. Most of them believe that the hard work is over once they have lost weight. With our Ideal Protein clinic, San Diego, you will go through the overall diet transition so that your weight loss and maintenance goal becomes an effortless part of the lifestyle.

According to a 2010 study, the hard work begins when you have shed the weight. Researchers discovered that losing just 10 % of your body weight through caloric restriction alone slows down your metabolism. On the other hand, a study conducted in 2011 found that sticking to a low-calorie diet for up to 10 weeks can affect the levels of hunger-controlling hormones in your body. As a result, it can actually raise your appetite.

Keep the long-term plan in mind.

To know what changes you can make – to lose weight and keep that weight off – you need to look back at your tracker. Ideally, it would help if you used it for a couple of weeks to figure out your consistent habits.

  • Where can you improve?
  • What eating-sleep-exercise changes can you make today that you’ll still be able to do after years of repetition?
  • What is going to suit your lifestyles even when you are stressed with family responsibilities and work?

Taking an early morning fitness class five days a week may not fit with your lifestyle. Whereas, engaging in some light form of exercise every day may prove helpful.

How Ideal Protein brings you the perfect weight loss solution.

Our clients that follow Ideal Protein for weight loss, have these resources built-in. Moreover, they will have a coach to guide them in creating a maintenance plan that works. Coaches at our Ideal Protein clinic provide checks and balances to help them avoid regaining unnecessarily. With up to 12 months of maintenance, life will come up. And we welcome it as it allows us to make adjustments rather than going back on a diet.

At BioIntelligent Wellness, we believe every diet should have a beginning and an end. This is the base of our new dieter special program. Once you stop dieting, the exciting phase of learning how to maintain and support living begins.

If you are done with dieting and looking for a new approach, visit our webpage to learn more about our new Ditch the Diet Culture. It’s an intuitive eating program designed to help you build a healthy lifestyle and stop dieting altogether. You can also call us at 858 228 3644 and schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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