BioIntelligent Wellness’ Surrogate BMI Management Program – How It Works

Biointelligent Wellness is here to support surrogacy agencies, intended parents, and surrogates with the surrogacy process. By helping potential surrogates quickly achieve a healthy BMI before their journey, our program increases safety for the surrogate mother and child, lowering their chance of having health complications, while enabling agencies to proceed with many more qualified candidates.

If a potential candidate has an elevated BMI, they are oftentimes instructed to lose weight and provided general weight loss tips. More often than not, there is a lack of structured weight loss support. Many of these hopeful candidates have never dieted before and therefore a structured weight loss plan and professional support can be pivotal in being able to move forward with the surrogacy process.

Importance of Structured Support for Weight Loss

Professional support and accountability go a long way in helping potential surrogates meet their weight loss goals.

Studies have shown that people lose weight more quickly and successfully when they have a well-laid-out plan to follow. A structured diet plan help with weight loss in the following ways:

  • Make meal planning easier
  • Encourage people to adhere to regular meal frequencies
  • Allow people to overcome weight loss barriers/challenging situations, e.g., time constraints, suitable snacks, what to consume at work, suitable meals for the family
  • Encourage food tracking (people who use food diary achieve better weight loss than those who do not)
  • Help maintain healthy balanced meals to aid weight loss
  • Allow for flexibility within the meal structure – customizing likes and dislikes into the plan to aid in successfully sticking with the diet
  • Help with portion control and enable people to better understand the energy value of various portion sizes.

Our nutritionists not only help with diet planning but also with other important mindset tools that are essential for effective weight loss. Aside from these many benefits, the accountability built into the program is of great value.


Every potential surrogate that we work with receives a nutrition plan tailored to their needs. Aside from a successful well laid plan to help achieve BMI goals, accountability is another important part of the service provided.

Accountability is key for helping the women stay on track throughout their weight loss journey. It leads to consistency and more rapid results. Losing weight can be a challenge, especially if someone has never dieted before or dealt with food restriction. It is much easier for someone to say that they want to embark on a diet, than to actually follow through with it. Therefore, it’s extremely beneficial to have a professional involved to support one’s goals.

With BioIntelligent Wellness’s surrogate BMI management program we implement a weight loss plan that fits into an individual’s lifestyle, providing meal ideas and healthy alternatives as well as constructive feedback throughout the process. We also ensure that surrogates are accountable with weekly check-ins and required food journaling.

It is much easier to correct dietary mistakes that may be slowing progress when you have a knowledgeable professional providing you with consistent feedback. In addition, routinely speaking with someone tends to keep the end goal at the forefront of one’s mind, helping the surrogate remain focused and adhere to the plan.

How the Program Works

Once a potential surrogate is referred to our BMI management program, they will receive personalized one-on-one support with one of our nutritionists. During the initial appointment, the surrogate will receive a custom foods list together with a plan and resources to help her achieve the desired BMI.

During this initial visit, the nutritionist will help create more custom meal options, depending on the surrogate’s dietary likes and dislikes or intolerances. After the first appointment, follow-up phone appointments will be scheduled either weekly or bi-weekly with electronic support between visits. The surrogate will be required to log their daily foods for review each day, so they can receive feedback and suggestions where necessary. The surrogate’s progress will be routinely relayed to the agency.

Our structured program provides:

  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Convenient Online Format
  • Consistent Electronic Support Between Visits
  • Meal Plans and Resources

Benefits to Potential Surrogates

  • A healthy BMI increases the likelihood of being accepted, matched, and moving forward with their surrogacy journey.
  • Reduces the chances of developing pregnancy complications due to obesity, like preeclampsia, macrosomia, hypertension, gestational diabetes, and more.
  • Provides busy surrogate moms with personalized support and enables them to cultivate healthy dietary habits before proceeding with their surrogacy pregnancy.

Benefits to the Agencies

  • In the midst of a surrogate shortage where agencies are unable to meet the growing demands for surrogates, this program enables agencies to expand their candidate pool by helping potential surrogates reduce their BMIs into an acceptable range.
  • Getting surrogates enrolled in a weight loss program also enables agencies to show their commitment to helping these wonderful women through their journey while giving surrogates the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to surrogacy and prioritizing.
  • As fertility clinics continue to reduce their BMI criteria and hopeful parents are looking for surrogates with lower BMIs, this program enables agencies to adjust to the changing requirements and remain competitive with a large pool of qualified surrogacy candidates.
  • Enables agencies to attract more candidates and set themselves apart from agencies that just reject otherwise eligible candidates.
  • Lowers wasted costs for recruiting candidates that would later be turned down because of elevated BMI.

Why You Should Consider Enrolling Your Higher BMI Applicants

  • Cost of recruitment is high. You can increase your ROI for candidates you would need to decline only for BMI.
  • Tap into large pools of candidates that are interested in surrogacy but have been turned away because their BMI is standing in the way.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to safe surrogacy journeys.
  • Expedite the timeline for medical clearance.
  • Have a resource for surrogates who want to do a return journey but are over the BMI cut off from their last journey.

BioIntelligent Wellness recognizes that losing weight is not easy, especially when there are other parties depending on the success of a weight loss program. This is why we launched the Surrogate BMI Management program, where we offer customized nutrition for the prospective surrogates. The program has already shown remarkable success and more and more agencies are seeking out this support.

If you are a surrogacy agency who is looking for expert assistance to help your candidates get into a healthy BMI range, our program will help you. Simply schedule a complimentary consultation with us to learn more about the program.

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