Gary C

Chino, CA
Before Diet Plan Before
After Diet Plan After (-60lbs)
A Patient’s Perspective

All I can say is that I am living proof that BioIntelligent Wellness works! I am about 1 month into my last and permanent Phase 4 (maintenance) and I feel the best I have felt since college.
My goals have been athletic driven. As a beach volleyball player, it was extremely difficult to move on the sand carrying so much extra weight and I struggled to compete and complete just two games. With (#1 coach) Alexis McCoy and Julianna Nikolic’s life changing instructions, I am faster, increased vertical jump and have endurance to run up to ten games (probably double that if I find others that can keep up.)
Size 40″ to 32″ waist
252lbs to 192lbs
My weight since increased but has been an increase of just lean mass (6lbs) and I am fine with that. Remain solid size 32″ waist. Best decision I have ever made!
Thanks, BioIntelligent Wellness!
Gary C .
Chino, Ca

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