Restarting Ideal Protein In The New Year – Challenges & Solutions

If you are like many people, losing weight ranks high on the list of things you wish to do in the new year. According to a survey by a British media polling firm, YouGov, 48% of those who made resolutions for 2021 wanted to get rid of excess weight. Other common resolutions include eating healthier (54%) and exercising more (59%).

Unfortunately, it is much easier to make a resolution than to actually fulfill it.

80% of New Year’s resolutions don’t make it past the first two months. As a matter of fact, 20% of them fail within the first week of the New Year. Therefore, if in the past you have made a New Years resolution to lose weight but did not follow through, you are not alone. The good news is that you can stay on top of your resolution this New Year!

How to Deal With Weight Loss Resolutions Challenges?

1. Overcome Lack of Support

  • Something as simple as telling people about your resolution can help you remain on track. For example, you are less likely to drink “just one diet coke” when there’s someone holding you accountable for your “no more diet soda” resolution.
  • Accountability helps you stay consistent. Having to report your diet successes and challenges to another person tends to shift things mentally. It leads to consistency, which helps a great deal because if you are not consistent, it will be difficult to reach your weight loss goals.
  • Dieting can be difficult. It can feel like hard work when you don’t have the necessary support or feel like you are depriving yourself of enjoyable things in life. For this reason, it’s crucial to have a person (preferably a professional) to give you valuable feedback and help you look at deprivation differently.
  • When you receive regular feedback from someone and reassess your plan, it will help you remember why you want to shed weight, which can help you remain disciplined.
  • Receiving feedback makes it easier for you to notice your diet missteps and more easily rectify them.

2. Lack of Planning

Losing weight more often requires adjusting your routine. Whether you are trying to incorporate new veggies into your diet or prepare more foods at home, it is crucial to come up with a plan. It is crucial to carve out time in your schedule for planning your meals, grocery shopping and meal prepping.

3. Lack of Motivation

To successfully lose weight, the motivation behind the process is key.  Really consider why you want to shed weight. It could be because you want to get in shape for hiking next summer or have more energy to play with your children. Look for something that will drive you!

Restart Ideal Protein This New Year, For Success!

Starting back up with Ideal Protein and working with a coach to tackle your New Year’s weight and health goals helps address these challenges and greatly aids you in reaching the goals.

Restarting Ideal Protein is an excellent way to lose the pounds you perhaps slowly regained after completing the program years ago or if you had to stop the Ideal Protein diet mid-way without fully transitioning. There are several reasons many past dieters come back to us when they need to refocus on their health. These include:

1. Predictable Weight Loss

Many people need to make little changes in their behavior and patterns to achieve weight loss. However, these changes alone may not produce noticeable results that can keep them motivated on the journey. This is very common with clients who take the calorie restriction “balanced diet” approach.

The allure of “freedom” makes it harder to get consistent results. With this balanced diet approach, weight loss becomes less predictable, which can make it more difficult to remain motivated.

Nowadays, many people come to us after embarking on the regular keto diet. While they like how being in ketosis makes them feel, many of them find it difficult to achieve their goals. This is because they are not losing weight in a predictable or measurable manner while in ketosis.

With the Ideal Protein diet, weight loss becomes consistent and predictable. This diet involves consuming enough protein to fuel your metabolism, and it is a “true” fat loss diet and not just your regular weight loss diet.

2. Quality is Everything

Anyone who has dieted before would know that a low-carbohydrate diet with the right amount of protein is ideal for weight loss. This being said, all proteins are not created equal.

Aside from having a high nutritional value, Ideal Protein also contains all the essential amino acids. These include threonine, isoleucine, histidine, lysine, leucine, tryptophan, methionine, phenylalanine, and valine. Additionally, the protein source comes in an “isolate form that is easily bioavailable, quickly assimilated, and absorbed by the body to retain lean muscle mass and enhance metabolism. This helps you reach your weight loss goals efficiently and safely!

3. Weight Loss is Easier with Ideal Protein Than with Other Diets

The IP protocol is suitable for those who are always on the move. With busy lives, having to overthink what we eat can become overwhelming and cause a loss of motivation. It may take a week or two to completely understand the program, but the simplicity of the plan helps take a lot of guesswork out of losing weight, lending to more successful weight loss.

When you stick to the diet protocols, you are sure to lose weight and reach your goals sooner than you expect.

4. Support & Motivation

With us, you can expect to receive adequate support and encouragement as you go through each phase of the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol. We will be there with you when this process is ongoing and help you through all the steps to ensure you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Since you are on a diet 7 days a week, your coach will support you through weekly appointments and communicate with you electronically via texts and emails in between.

Ideal Protein Has Made Some Changes

If you’re restarting the Ideal Protein diet after several years, you will have noticed a couple of changes in the protocol. Some great changes were made to the program in late 2019 before it was re-launched with a new look.

If you are wondering what has changed about the Ideal Protein Diet, here are a few updates you will notice at first glance:

1. Ideal Protein is No Longer 4 Phases

To begin with, the Ideal Protein protocol has changed from 4 phases into 3 phases. Together with that shift, Ideal Protein created a new Phase I diet menu and its guidelines.

So, if you are researching online, be sure that the Ideal Protein clinic you choose to work with is following the new three-phase protocol. This is a good way to find out whether the clinic keeps a tab on the latest advancements in weight loss and is truly focused on the program.

2. Revised Phase I Food List

In addition to merging Phase 3 and Phase 4 into a new Phase 3 protocol, Ideal Protein also included new products and extended the list of foods that are allowed while on the diet.

The allowance for whole protein in Phase I has also been reduced to 4-6 ounces from 8 ounces. So, you now shed weight more quickly, enjoy your weight loss journey, and make the transition to ketosis faster.

Some of the new additions are Shirataki or Konjac Noodles. These foods do not contain any digestible carbohydrates and help with hunger and satiety.

Find all the latest improvements made to the new Ideal Protein and common questions on this page.

The new Ideal Protein yields the same exceptional results as it has for almost 30 years, with fine-tuning that promotes efficiency, adds new tastes and ingredients, and incorporates the latest advances in ketogenic dieting. This article explains some of the most commonly asked changes to the protocol.

Take Away

Having a New Year’s weight loss resolution is good. It shows you want to see positive changes in your health and life. However, without a proper support and guidance system, its difficult to achieve the goals.

With Ideal Protein Protocol and the BioIntelligent Wellness team on your side, those hurdles become easy to overcome. If you are planning to restart Ideal Protein this New Year, we have special programs designed just for you. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation for any queries or to learn more.

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