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Ideal Protein

Danielle Healy
Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

After first pregnancy, my body wasn’t what it used to be and I knew my ways of eating was a part of that. I always had a problems around my lower-back and I didn’t understand why – no matter how many salads I ate and how often I exercised. I have tried making self meal plans and diets but nothing worked out. At the end, I was ready to give up and say, “this-is-it for my body, I’ll just get surgery”. But I decided to go to a nutritionist once because I’ve never done it before and I found Debb.

Jennifer Creed
Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

My daughter recommended I go to BioIntelligent Wellness since I was struggling to lose the 15 pounds I gained around my mid-section after menopause. The program was very easy to follow, and the coaching was great. The ideal protein diet was easy to follow and my coaching visits in the office and electronic support kept me on track. I am glad I did it and it’s great to know I can always come back to BioIntelligent Wellness if I ever need a restart. I couldn’t have done this alone – I learned a lot during my process and was glad I decided to join them! Thanks a million Cat!

David Mark
Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

I signed up for Ideal Protein after extensive research and decided that it is the best way for me to approach ketogenic weight loss. I have to say that it has been the team at BioIntelligent Wellness that has truly made the difference in my level of success, especially Debb and Cat. The entire team has gone out of their way to support my on my journey and I definitely recommend this program!!

Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

I just recently completed BioIntelligent Wellness, Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program and I feel AMAZING! I’ve lost nearly 11 pounds in 18 days, not only does this diet help me lose weight, but it teaches me how to make healthier decisions and eating habits. I have permanently adapt this lifestyle changes and really happy from it. If you’re interested in resetting your health and looking for a challenge with major rewards talk to Debb NOW! She knows all the secrets to a healthy lifestyle and I am forever grateful to her!

Cale Ryan
Ideal Protein January 28, 2020

BioIntelligent Wellness – I had a great experience! My goal was to lose weight but this program not only helped me to lose but also kept me motivated to maintain it. I worked with Cat who is a very informed and supportive coach. She never failed to acknowledge my success, encouraged me and even supported me through my not-so-wise bad decisions. The support staff is friendly and welcoming; everyone is always there for you. I have now been off the weight loss phase for a month and will continue to go in for my coaching sessions. Getting a one to one support helps to keep me on track with my new goals now that the weight is gone. Thank you BioIntelligent Wellness and Cat!

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