I decided to see Julianna because of how quickly she helped my wife to find a real solution to her chronic digestive problems. I’m almost 50 and I’ve been seriously overweight for over 15 years so I didn’t know if I could ever really lose my excess weight and restore... Read More

J. E. 2015-03-31

For ten years I ate "healthy" and exercised five days per week. "Healthy" eating included whole wheat, oats, low fat, low protein choices. If I really focused I could lose two and a half pounds in six weeks. However, if I became frustrated and unfocused because of minimal results I... Read More

Laurie R. 2013-10-20

My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, and ODD. She has been to two therapists, a psychiatrist, a specialty chiropractor, and a behavioral vision doctor. Physicians have started using words like Tourettes, and Rapid Cycle Bipolar Disorder. At my wits end, I turned to Julianna. Through her expertise and... Read More

Medina 2013-05-27

When I came to Julianna I was working out and eating better then I ever had in my life.  Despite my new habits, my weight kept going up and I could not figure out why. When I got my RMR tested with Julianna and discovered how much food I needed... Read More

Laura L. San Diego, CA 2010-07-23