I went to see Julianna concerned about not being able to keep my weight in control. I have never been on a diet and began the IP diet in December, and had lost 35 lbs in 2 1/2 months. The daily videos were very helpful. I always believed I ate... Read More

Traci A San Diego, CA 2015-05-24

Biointelligent Wellness and Ideal Protein have literally saved my life. Over a year ago, I was diagnosed diabetic and told by my MD to try to cut back on carbs to slow the process of high blood sugar. Using Ideal Protein, along with the wonderful coaching and my own commitment,... Read More

Kim J. Clairemont, CA 2015-03-30

I had a child in 2011. I was on bed rest and gained 80 lbs. I had always hovered around 128/130 without really trying very hard, so to be 200 lbs when my son was born via c section was alarming. I figured, no big deal though I will bounce... Read More

Dana C. 2015-03-24

I have worked on my health with BioIntelligent for almost 4 years now. I went from 253 to 161 under her care. I went from hurting all of the time to feeling great and completing a sprint triathlon. I had gained and lost weight over the first two years of... Read More

Angela B. Coronado 2014-09-14

I was a 55 yr. old woman who was doing anything and everything to lose the 30 pounds I gained after a medical issue. I even allowed my doctor to convince me I needed a psychological consult. I spent two years of wasted time and co-pays, not to mention trying... Read More

Stella National City, CA 2013-08-24