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Exercise Major Finds Real & Lasting Results
Metabolism TestingCustomized Nutrition July 23, 2010

As an Exercise Science major I was eager to find a company that used Metabolic Testing as a basis for its nutrition plans.  It was refreshing to see nutrition plans that do not require crash dieting or fads but focus on creating healthy lifestyles.  It is this focus that sets BioIntelligent apart and creates real and lasting changes!

From Low Energy to Running Marathons
Metabolism TestingCustomized NutritionWeight Loss July 23, 2010

Before I started working with BioIntelligent Wellness , my body was barely getting the fuel it needed to function, much less run marathons. My energy level was non existent, and I struggled just to finish a day at work, much less my training runs. Since BioIntelligent Wellness opened my eyes to using proper nutrition as fuel, my energy level is through the roof, I can think clearly, and my training runs have never felt better! I am on my way to turning my body around, and breaking the cycle of chronic dieting that I have been on for twenty years.

Amazing Value… Used Every Day
Metabolism TestingCustomized NutritionWeight Loss July 23, 2010

I met with BioIntelligent Wellness in the fall of 2008.  My goals were to learn more about my metabolic rate to improve the effectiveness of my workouts, and improve my overall fitness.  BioIntelligent Wellness hooked me up to all these tubes and gear and performed a bunch of tests.  She made me keep a diary of what I ate and commented on everything.  I was really surprised at how much she did for how little I paid.  After it was all said and done she prepared this elaborate report that gave me the information I was looking for. I have been guided by this information ever since. It was a great deal for me money wise, and I learned a ton of info about myself.  I even went out and bought a heart rate monitor that I now use in my cardio workouts and her help made me re-think all my workouts.  It was a great help to me and as noted, I use this information every day.  I was stoked!!

I Have Lost Almost 100 Pounds
Weight LossMetabolism TestingCustomized Nutrition July 22, 2010

I was referred to BioIntelligent Wellness a little over a year ago to have my metabolism checked and to see if there was a way to lose more weight.  I was in a weight loss program that I seemed to be "stalled" on.  Right from the beginning I found BioIntelligent Wellness to be friendly, just like a family member that was very concerned for my health.  She explained many things to me and helped me to realize why the way that you eat is very important.  She gave me a plan to follow and even helped with recipes if I needed them.  I thought that my boyfriend would not eat some of the things that She has had me try but he is liking the foods too! One year later, I am still seeing BioIntelligent for help in losing weight. I  am able to talk with BioIntelligent Wellness if I feel that I am having a problem with certain issues and she helps to walk me through them.  So far I have lost almost 100 pounds and feeling so much better!  I am very grateful to have someone that I am able to talk to when it is needed so that I do not get discouraged with my weight loss.  She is very much a part of my family!

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