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Success… After Struggling For Years with Diet and Exercise
Customized NutritionWeight Loss July 22, 2010

BioIntelligent Wellness is so wonderful to work with… a true gem. She is positive, energetic and extremely knowledgeable. I have always enjoyed healthy, fresh foods and love to cook. Sha has incorporated foods into my busy and stressful life that fit for me. Therefore my goals have been easier for me to accomplish. I have been successful, after struggling for years with dieting and exercise. I feel so much better physically and better mentally about myself. BioIntelligent Wellness has been a win for me!

BioIntelligent Wellness Made the Impossible Possible!
Customized NutritionWeight Loss July 22, 2010

I had always taken good care of myself when it came to diet and exercise. Along came a hysterectomy at 41 and hypothyroidism diagnosis at 45 years young! I did not understand my lack of well being and found it hard to recognize myself in so many aspects of my life. That was up until I met BioIntelligent Wellness and started working with her on nutritionn, weight loss and working smarter not harder when it came to working out. Through BioIntelligent Wellness knowledge and inspiration she kept me motivated and made what seemed like the impossible possible. In less than 2 months I was down 20lbs and my overall well being, energy levels and clarity of thought improved tremendously!!

I’m Insulin Resistant… And My Energy Levels Are High
Customized NutritionWeight Loss July 22, 2010

I began working with BioIntelligent Wellness four weeks ago and we have made great strides in that time. I’m Insulin Resistant which causes low energy levels, and constant changes in mood and hunger. BioIntelligent Wellness put me on a eating schedule to stabilize my blood sugar. And recommended natural products to assist with energy levels. And in just four short weeks I have lost 10lbs, and my energy levels are high. I look forward everyday to getting outside and going for my hour to hour and a half walk. My weightloss goal is 180 so I have another 50lbs of fat to take off, so stay tuned.

I Have Lost Almost 100 Pounds
Weight LossMetabolism TestingCustomized Nutrition July 22, 2010

I was referred to BioIntelligent Wellness a little over a year ago to have my metabolism checked and to see if there was a way to lose more weight.  I was in a weight loss program that I seemed to be “stalled” on.  Right from the beginning I found BioIntelligent Wellness to be friendly, just like a family member that was very concerned for my health.  She explained many things to me and helped me to realize why the way that you eat is very important.  She gave me a plan to follow and even helped with recipes if I needed them.  I thought that my boyfriend would not eat some of the things that She has had me try but he is liking the foods too! One year later, I am still seeing BioIntelligent for help in losing weight. I  am able to talk with BioIntelligent Wellness if I feel that I am having a problem with certain issues and she helps to walk me through them.  So far I have lost almost 100 pounds and feeling so much better!  I am very grateful to have someone that I am able to talk to when it is needed so that I do not get discouraged with my weight loss.  She is very much a part of my family!

BioIntelligent Wellness Cares About My Wellbeing
Customized NutritionWeight Loss June 17, 2010

Before working with BioIntelligent Wellness I thought the only way to feel good about myself was to starve my body and exercise for hours each day.  Since working with BioIntelligent Wellness I have learned that I need to provide my body with sustaining nutritional meals and exercise efficiently.  BioIntelligent Wellness cares about my well being.  She is inspiring, motivating, and knowledgeable.  She provides an environment where I never feel judged, only supported while I work towards achieving my personal nutritional goals.

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